The latest in Concord living has opened its doors, blending a little bit of history with a splash of modern.

The View at Hotel Concord features everything from studios to two-bedroom apartments in a newly renovated historic building in the center of downtown. Commercial space below the residential has also begun to fill, with Union Street Market opening this month and a new game store signing a lease just this week.

“It’s going great,” Patrick Reilly, project developer, said. “The construction crew is just finishing up some odds and ends. We opened June 1; lease-up has been going very well. Our closing rate when we actually get showings is really high. It’s just more about continuing to build awareness of getting people to know what we’re open and what we have to offer.”

And Reilly said the apartments certainly provide a unique living opportunity. Not only is the building right downtown, but residents also get the mix of an old building with all the new amenities.

“The building is a historic treasure located in arguably one of the best positions in downtown Concord,” he said. “Basically the corner of all the action is Cabarrus Avenue and Union Street, and it’s obviously right on the apex of that corner. The apartments have incredible views.”

Inside, the units each have state-of-the-art amenities, granite counter tops, tile backsplashes and polished concrete floors.

“Everything is brand new inside the units, but the historic look and character where you can tell that you’re not living in just a brand new building but a building that has historic character far beyond any new construction that you would move into,” Reilly said. “Downtown Concord has a great feel to it these days. Downtown Concord really has a lot going on.”

Unit p rices range from $975 to $1,695 and include utilities: power, water, cable and internet. Reilly said for some residents that has economic value since they can get cable and internet cheaper than an individual could. But for some, he said, it’s also about the convenience of not having to deal with several entities to pay bills.

The building also features an outdoor rooftop patio for residents.

Reilly said that currently about 40 percent of the units are full—many of them with people who already work downtown, especially in city or county government or law enforcement.

“But we’ve also had others that have maybe lived in the greater Charlotte-Concord area but haven’t found exactly what they were looking for, so they’ve come found us,” Reilly said. “They’ve made the move to Concord because they like the product offering that’s in Concord.”

The facility also has several retail spaces available for rent underneath the apartments. Union Street Market opened a few weeks ago, and several other businesses have expressed interest. Reilly said he signed a lease with a game company called Buzz City Games earlier this week; that shop will move in at 18 Union St. North. Other potential occupants include a bakery and taproom.

“The commercial demand has been somewhat surprising to me,” Reilly said. “The feedback is very positive. All the direct feedback I’ve gotten is very positive. The real reason for the success of the project, in my opinion, is the overall successful trend that’s taking place in downtown Concord that started years ago and continues to build momentum. I have no doubt whatsoever that the momentum is going to continue to build.”

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For more information about The View at Hotel Concord, call 704-870-0006 or go to A leasing agent is available for viewings Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

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