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CONCORD – The South Piedmont 3A Conference honored its top swimmers this past week, and a Trojan and a Charger led the way.

Northwest Cabarrus High School freshman Harrison Ranier was named the SPC 2019-20 Boys Swimmer of the Year, while Cox Mill’s Caitlin Horn was crowned the Girls Swimmer of the Year.

In addition, Jay M. Robinson’s Julie Connelly was acknowledged as the league’s Coach of the Year for this season.

Horn cemented her award after breaking a pair of records during last week’s SPC Swimming Championships.

Horn walked away with the girls 50-yard freestyle title in just 24.82 seconds. On the same day, he took first place in the 100 free in a blazing 53.42 seconds.

Horn, however, wasn’t the only swimmer to break two records last week.

Central Cabarrus girls standout Isabella Gaskey won the 100 breaststroke with a record-breaking time of 1 minute, 7.34 seconds. Gaskey also claimed the SPC’s all-time mark in the 200 individual medley by touching the wall in 2:12.53.

Ranier led the way on the boys All-SPC team, and five of his teammates were right there with him: Henry Gribble, Lane Bradshaw, Blake Johnson, Owen Martin and Graham Powers.

Concord’s all-conference honorees are Andrew Lucky, Matthew Lucky and Ben Vincent.

Also making the team were Cox Mill’s Garrett Kilmurry, Atharva Kripak and Nick Price; Jay M. Robinson’s Christopher Forsey and T.J. Spokas; and Central Cabarrus’ Ian Holt.

Horn anchored the girls all-conference squad. Cox Mill led the team with seven honorees. They included Horn, Alivia Price, Addie Rogers, Katie Creel, Gabby Moreira, Shay Kilmurry and Cayla Greer.

Gaskey was an all-conference pick along with Central Cabarrus teammate Amanda Losey.

Others who earned all-league status include Concord’s Caroline Burchfield, Allyson Halbach, Isabella Neri and McKenzie Peurifoy; and Northwest Cabarrus’ Caroline Rinker and Abigail Hollmeyer.

Here are the results from last week’s SPC swimming championships:

Combined Team Scores

1 Cox Mill, 801

2 Concord, 599

3 Northwest Cabarrus, 530

4 Central Cabarrus, 380

5 Jay M. Robinson, 283

6 A.L. Brown, 41



50 Yard Freestyle

1 Christopher Foresey (Jay M. Robinson), 23.13; 2 Atharva Kripak (Cox Mill), 23.60; 3 Robert Connelly (Jay M. Robinson), 23.76

100 Backstroke

1 Andrew Lucky (Concord), 56.50; 2 Christopher Forsey (Jay M. Robinson, 57.58; 3 Ian Holt (Central Cabarrus), 57.93

100 Breaststroke

1 Matthew Lucky (Concord), 1:01.58; 2 Bhargav Vadapalli (Cox Mill), 1:06.55; 3 Nick Price (Cox Mill), 1:08.40

Boys 100 Butterfly

1 Harrison Ranier (Northwest Cabarrus), 52.71; 2 Ben Vincent (Concord), 1:00.554; 3 Ricky Diaz (Cox Mill), 1:01.80

100 Freestyle

1 Lane Bradshaw (Northwest Cabarr8s), 49.91; 2 Garrett Kilmurry (Cox Mill), 51,43; 3 Robert Connelly (Jay M. Robinson), 53.50

200 Freestyle

1 Harrison Ranier (Northwest Cabarrus), 1:47.36; Henry Gribble (Northwest Cabarrus), 1:52.00; 3 Andrew Lucky (Concord), 1:52.22

200 Individual Medley

1 Matthew Lucky (Concord), 1:59.57; 2 Lane Bradshaw (Northwest Cabarrus), 2:02.75; 3 Bhargav Vadapalli (Cox Mill), 2:13.76

500 Freestyle

1 Henry Gribble (Northwest Cabarrus), 5:01.03; 2 Ian Holt (Central Cabarrus) 5:03.95; 3 Ben Vincent (Concord), 5:34.42


200 Freestyle Relay

1 Jay M. Robinson (Robert Connelly, Jack Nelson, TJ Spokas, Christopher Forsey), 1:36.08; 2 Cox Mill  (Jackson Long, Ricky Diaz, Bhargav Vadapalli, Garrett Kilmurry), 1:39.68; 3 Cox Mill (Aditya Uchil, Jack Boyd, Patrick Kelly, Alex Hocutt), 1:42.51

200 Medley Relay

1 Concord (Andrew Lucky, Matthew Lucky, Ben Vincent, Jackson Moon), 1:44.44; 2 Northwest Cabarrus (Graham Powers, Lane Bradshaw, Harrison Ranier, Henry Gribble), 1:44.81; 3 Jay M. Robinson (Christopher Forsey, TJ Spokas, Brett Williams, Robert Connelly), 1:50.44

400 Freestyle Relay

1 Northwest Cabarrus (Harrison Ranier, Lane Bradshaw, Graham Powers, Henry Gribble), 3:23.07; 2 Cox Mill (Atharva Kripak, Bhargav Vadapalli, Nick Price, Garrett Kilmurry), 3:33.36; 3 Concord (Jackson Moon, Ben Vincent, Matthew Lucky, Andrew Lucky), 3:35.50



50 Yard Freestyle

1 Caitlin Horn (Cox Mill), 24.82; 2 Katie Creel (Cox Mill). 26.17; 3 Price Rinker (Northwest Cabarrus), 26.55

100 Backstroke

1 Alivia Price (Cox Mill), 1:01.99; 2 Ellie Ferguson (Cox Mill), 1:03.11; 3 Amanda Losey (Central Cabarrus), 1:04.18

100 Breaststroke

1 Isabella Gaskey (Central Cabarrus), 1:07.34; 2 Addie Rogers (Cox Mill), 1:11.56; 3 Anna Sunderdiek (Cox Mill), 1:14.46

100 Butterfly

1 Addie Rogers (Cox Mill), 1:03.48; 2 Kathryn Cummings (Cox Mill), 1:06.43; 3 Price Rinker (Northwest Cabarrus), 1:06.43

100 Freestyle

1 Caitlin Horn (Cox Mill), 53.42; 2 Katie Creel (Cox Mill), 57.17; 3 Allyson Halbach (Concord), 59.20

200 Freestyle

1 Alivia Price, Cox Mill, 2:05.30; 2 Gabriela Moreira, Cox Mill, 2:06.74; 3 Amanda Losey, Central Cabarrus, 2:09.92


200 Individual Medley

1 Isabella Gaskey (Central Cabarrus), 2:12.53; 2 Ellie Ferguson (Cox Mill), 2:23.16; Abbie Hollmeyer (Northwest Cabarrus), 2:23.87

500 Freestyle

1 Gabriela Moreira (Cox Mill), 5:36.57; 2 Abbie Hollmeyer (Northwest Cabarrus), 5:40.38; 3 Isabella Neri (Concord), 5:49.11


1-Meter Diving

1 Sarah Campbell (Cox Mill), 190.00; 2 Gracyn Hall (Cox Mill), 113.65; Madison Walker (Jay M. Robinson), 98.55

200 Freestyle Relay

1 Cox Mill (Alivia Price, Addie Rogers, Katie Creel, Caitlin Horn), 1:44.40; 2 Concord (McKenzie Peurifoy, Leah Long, Isabella Neri, Christina Lotfy), 1:50.74; 3 Cox Mill (Sydney Skvoretz, Molly McLauchlan, Abby Holt, Gabriela Moreira), 1:53.68

200 Medley Relay

1 Cox Mill (Alivia Price, Addie Rogers, Ellie Ferguson, Caitlin Horn), 1:54.48; 2 Central Cabarrus (Caroline Eggers, Isabella Gaskey), Amanda Losey, Emma Seymour), 1:56.87; Concord (Caroline Burchfield, Laurel Keasler, Mia Guthrie, Christina Lotfy), 2:01.00

400 Freestyle Relay

1 Cox Mill (Gabriela Moreira, Cayla Green, Ellie Ferguson, Katie Creel), 3:52.36; 2 Northwest Cabarrus (Price Rinker, Emma Meacham, Bella Thompson, Abbie Hollmeyer), 3:57.55; 3 Central Cabarrus (Amanda Losey, Caroline Eggers, Emma Seymour, Isabella Gaskey), 3:58.64

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