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Are you looking to be in better health? To help stop the; suffering of farm animals? To do whatever you can to save the environment? A total vegetarian (vegan) diet can help you achieve all three goals.

The consumption of animal products has been linked to the development of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, hardening of the arteries and many kinds of cancer. A vegan diet in which no animal foods are consumed contains no cholesterol. It has been scientifically proven that eating plants exclusively can protect against getting cancer.

A wide variety of vegan foods provides all the needed daily nutrition. The only supplement required for neurological health) is vitamin B12.

Today’s mega-factory farms are inhumane as they deprive farm animals of exercise, fresh air, sunshine and normal socialization with others of their own kind. Laying hens are forced o live in wire-bottomed cages eight birds in an area the size of a folded newspaper. Meat turkeys and chickens must live in windowless sheds with hundreds o other birds, often on top of each other, lungs burned by the ammonia wastes from so many birds. Sows are placed in iron-barred prisons so small they can only give birth and nurse their young.

Cows have been bred to give so much milk they have much-shortened life spans and are slaughtered for fast-food hamburgers when “spent”. Their male calves, taken from their mothers at birth, are crated for weeks with no exercise, no light no interactions with other calves, fed an iron-deficient diet to purposely make them anemic.

The production of mat and animal products wreaks havoc on the Earth. Tons of manure excreted by livestock each year finds its way into rivers and streams. Methane belched by cows is a significant source of air pollution. Cows grazing on grass cause pastures to become desert-like allowing the loss of precious topsoil to the wind.

A lion’s share of fossil fuels and water are used to manufacture meat. Vast pastures are required for cattle. Much less land, water and fossil fuels are needed to grow plants.

Try a vegan (total vegetarian) diet, sampling foods from all the cultures of the world that are tasty and nutritious. For a free packet of vegan recipes and nutritional information, phone 980-435-0157 or email magnolia81451@gmail.com. There are actually many more varieties of fruits and vegetables than there are of meats.

Barbara Bonsignore


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