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I got a recycling calendar with my water bill recently and it included recycling rules to the right of the calendar. To my dismay it did not address shredded paper. And the rules explicitly prohibit bagging any recycling item.

I thought shredded paper must be an exception because at one time I was told to bag shredded paper in a clear plastic bag. Not giving up, I also checked the city’s website – surely it would address how to recycle shredded paper for residential pickup. I searched for the word “shredded” on the recycling rules page, but that word was missing. Then I called the recycling department’s number listed in the calendar’s recycling rules. They said we are not to put bagged shredded paper in the recycling can because the bags get caught in the recycling machinery. They also said I could put the bag on the ground and call the city to insure it is picked up.

I then asked if it would go to the dump with all the other garbage. They said it would. I then asked, if it is going to the dump, couldn’t I just put the bag in the garbage can and use any kind of garbage bag to hold it. They said yes.

It’s unfortunate that it is not cost effective to recycle shredded paper using the recycling container the city provides us. I guess I could just empty my bag of shredded paper into the recycling can, but if there is any wind when the city dumps the can into their truck, that paper will blow into my yards and my neighbors’ yards. Whether I was or was not misinformed by the city, the city should address in their published recycling rules how we should dispose of shredded paper.

Charles Carter


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