Letters to the editor

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In regard to the July 24 article by Brad Garrigues, I say 'Here-Here!!" In my opinion, he sums Trump up accurately.

With that said, I must admit he sometimes overloads his mouth. I don't like everything he says and maybe he should learn that you don't talk after the close.

Now, I do like the way he has done his best with keeping his campaign promises. It is no secret that Washington has not accepted him and probably never will. Trump is no politician--he's a businessman. He's used to doing things his way--not asking for permission and he's used to being the boss.

Trump shook up Washington because it is not "business as usual." Days of "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" are over and nobody likes him. Well, I do.

I intend to vote for him next year again! To Mr. Garrigues and  President Trump-I say "Rock On!"

Gwen Johnson

China Grove

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