Letters to the editor

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I recently attended my grandma's funeral. Can you explain the etiquette that applies to the ones that are coming to give their condolences and the ones that are receiving the condolences?

My sister and I were standing next to each other and I was unfortunately the one that was first in line to receive visitors. My sister's friends and coworkers came up to me and said , “Oh, we are here for Joy (my sister).” If I'm not mistaken, I lost a loved one also. I would have been happy with “sorry for your loss”, and then moving on to my sister, out of respect to the ones that have lost also.

If you attend a visitation/funeral would you not want to give condolences to the family? I felt so embarrassed and even wondered why I was there - for my Grandma of course. It made it hard to mourn and grieve my grandma because of the embarrassing things people were saying to me. How do I move on from this unexpected tragic event?

Angela Tow


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