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This is a flyer supporters were circulating on social media.

Voters in Concord and Harrisburg approved measures Tuesday that will make it easier for small businesses to sell wine and beer.

The on and off-premises malt beverage proposal, which was confusing to many voters, will allow wine shops and other qualifying businesses to sell beer along with wine. Prior to this change, a brewery could sell beer and wine, but a wine shop or winery could only sell wine. To add the brew would have required a much more expensive ABC permit.

Harrisburg voters approved the measure 1593 to 753. Concord voters approved it by a 3733 to 1852 tally.

Supporters said the change helps small businesses and simplifies laws, making enforcement easier for police. Concord and Harrisburg were among the last cities in North Carolina to make this change.

Harrisburg also approved the sale of unfortified wine. The total was 1608 for and 753 against.

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