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This year’s elections for three Council seats in Kannapolis are critical for the future of our community. We are growing at a very rapid pace. Opportunities are coming to us quickly and often. We are negotiating with companies that will bring more than 500 good-paying jobs in a very short time. In the next 120 days, our Council has six big decisions to make about large private investments in Kannapolis that will bring a hotel, five-plus restaurants, apartments, condominiums and more jobs. For example, one project will bring two restaurants and eight stores that will open in April of next year. In 2020, there will be nine more big decisions for Council to get more investments and projects.

More than just downtown

Some candidates would like you to believe our future is just about the revitalization of downtown. Our future is much broader than that. It is about projects at Interstate 85, along Kannapolis Parkway, off Cannon Boulevard, surrounding the Research Campus and, of course, downtown. Our plans include new parks, walking trails, dedicating a second new fire station, road projects that thread their way around and through Kannapolis. We also are dedicated to expanding bathrooms and other improvements at the GEM Theatre. In fact, the GEM will anchor our historic block. We intend to keep the exteriors of Block 1, where the GEM is located, like it has been for decades.

All of this means that City Council will have a lot to do in a very short period of time. It is almost impossible for a new person to gain the experience necessary prior to the time a decision is required. For the projects that are to be decided in the next 120 days, a new person will have no idea what they are voting for/against. Therefore, I am requesting that you consider candidates to fill all three seats who have experience on City Council. These Council members are:

Tom Kincaid

Tom has served on Council for nine years. He has a real passion for our police and fire departments. Tom is a businessman who has run Caremoor Retirement Center for decades. He has worked hard in the Carver/Centerview neighborhoods to help revitalize them.

Ryan Dayvault

Ryan has served on Council for eight years. He has a passion for historic preservation. He works at the N.C. Research Campus and is familiar with our efforts to grow the campus.

Darrell Jackson

Darrell has served on Council for four years. He has operated a business (Lee Clothing) in downtown for 35 years. Nobody has a more detailed and comprehensive vision of the future of downtown than him because he has lived and worked through its transition and resurgence.

ALL three candidates understand the opportunities and projects that Council will face in the immediate future. I urge you to consider voting for Tom Kincaid, Ryan Dayvault and Darrell Jackson for City Council on Nov. 5.

Please go vote! God bless the citizens of Kannapolis and our great city!

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