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We are supposedly a nation of dog and cat lovers. Why, then, do we in the United States kill three million of them each and every year? Because there just aren’t enough homes for them.

It is too bad that “kill” animal shelters have to exist but what can be done when the yielding is full of animals and more dogs and cats are dropped off? The same is true with “no kill” shelters. When there is no more room people then often abandon or kill their companion animals.

The South has the worst dog and cat overpopulation in the entire United States. The only solution to this needless killing of companion animals is a massive spaying and altering of rabbits, dogs, cats, purebred and mixed breeds. Breeders are at fault, there is no need to breed anything when so many animals die. Anyone breeding dogs and cats should rescue unwanted animals of their particular breed instead. Did you know that 25 percent of animals in animal shelters are purebred?

Contrary to popular belief, neutering will not cause a male to become a “sissy” but it will make him less aggressive and more apt to stay home. The operations will not cause a dog or cat to gain weight, overfeeding and lack of exercise, will though, cause obesity. Spay/alter will not cause personality change except to make a dog or cat calmer. There is absolutely no truth to the belief that allowing one litter is good for the mother; this only adds to overpopulation. A good result f sterilization is the cessation of messy “heat” periods in dogs and noisy “heats” in cats. The operations are perfectly safe today with barely a scar remaining.

Feral cats need not be killed. If there is a dedicated caretaker, they can be spayed, neutered and released to the same area. A stable cat colony will keep all other animas out o the area.

All pet supply stores and pet shops must showcase shelter animals so they have a better chance of being adopted. All veterinarians should donate a portion of their time to low cost spay-neuter. This is urgently needed!

I advocate early-term abortions in canines and felines which is perfectly safe for the females. It is better to kill the offspring before they are born than to have to kill them because no homes are available.

Do you need financial help with spay/neuter? Phone 980-435-0157, no texting, this is a landline.

Barbara Sonsignore


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