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Sammelia Witherspoon

Favorite moments in high school?

My favorite moments in high school would have to be at the basketball games. I personally love basketball, and it’s always exciting to watch the game, especially when our team plays just as good as the other team. Everyone comes together to cheer on our team and it gives us a time to meet and talk with some people that we don’t usually communicate with on a daily basis.

How have you changed over the last four years?

Besides the obvious physical changes, I feel that I have grown and matured more compared to my previous school year. During high school, you are constantly faced with many problems and situations, but your decisions and choices that you make, help to shape who you are as a person. I have also gotten more outgoing, instead of being the shy underclassmen that I was. I guess when you familiarize yourself with an environment, you become more comfortable. Northwest has become a second home to me, and that has ultimately allowed me to break out of my shell, and become the person that I am today!

What are you going to miss most?

The first thing that I am going to miss is all of the time spent at school with my best friends. Most of us have chosen to attend different colleges, so it’s going to be strange not seeing them every day. The next thing that I am going to miss is some of my teachers. I have gotten a chance to meet some really caring teachers here at Northwest, that have pushed and motivated me. It’s sad to say goodbye to them, but I know that I will never forget everything that they have taught me.

Any advice for students just starting or already here?

Always remember the reason that you are attending school for. Getting your education should always be your first priority. Anything fun, can come after you know that you have completed everything that you have to do. Start working hard your freshman year, because it really is easier for you GPA to drop, than to raise it back up. I also recommend that you play a sport or join a club. I have done both of these, and I realize that it gives you a break from the stress of school, and it allows you to meet new people, and form new relationships. “No man is an island”! My last advice is to surround yourself with people that are just as determined as you are. This way, you guys can constantly be uplifting and encouraging each other to succeed.

Any plans after graduation?

Yes! I plan on attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have been extremely blessed to receive a full ride scholarship to attend my dream school. I plan on going to get my bachelors in dental hygiene, and then I am going to attend dental school to officially become a general Dentist. I eventually plan on opening my own dental office one day. I realize that this is going to be a long and gruesome journey, but I know that with help and support from God, my family, friends, and even myself, I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.

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