Jeremy Hachen

My name is Jeremy Hachen and I am a public school teacher here in Cabarrus County.  I’ve lived in North Carolina my entire life and moved to Concord after I graduated from Appalachian State University where I studied history and economics.  My fiancé and I both work as teachers in Cabarrus County Schools and believe that we have found a home here that we want to help grow and develop. 

I decided to run for office while I was standing in the voting booth during the 2014 mid-term elections.  Although I had studied a sample ballot beforehand, I was struck at this moment by the number of offices that went uncontested.  I thought of my classroom and how it was overcrowded and lacked basic supplies.  I thought of my students who did not have equal or consistent access to technology and educational resources.  I thought of the teachers that have left the profession due to the degrading culture and attack on public education conducted by our state government. 

I thought of the 500,000 North Carolinians who could have healthcare if our state government had decided to accept the expansion of Medicaid.  I decided that these politicians have become unresponsive to the needs of North Carolinians and placed their focus on cutting taxes for a few at the top and keeping their seats.  As time has gone on, my convictions have been strengthened by the horrendous passage of HB2 and the lack of response to the economic losses it has brought to our state.  Our career politicians have steered our state in the wrong direction and I intend to right the course.

I am running for the North Carolina House of Representatives to restore our state’s reputation as a great place to live, work, and thrive.  I teach Government & Economics in the classroom, coach soccer after school, take students on educational trips abroad during the summer, and drive the bus for extracurricular activities.  I am a teacher, not a politician, and I know what our schools need to succeed.  We need to restore and revive the culture of education through reestablishing our teacher training programs (NC Teaching Fellow), investing in each student, expanding vocational training options, building more schools, hiring more teachers and support staff, and making sure that our teachers are fairly compensated for their work.  Increasing our investment in education will cost money but the benefits of a healthy education system far outweigh the negatives.

Good schools create an educated workforce that attract employers and encourage innovation – they create jobs and allow our students to improve their position in society.  We should be supporting our schools from the ground up and allow local schoolboards more autonomy in deciding what is best for their students and their community.  The General Assembly has tremendous influence over our state’s public schools, so an educator ought to be there to help guide these important decisions.

The General Assembly has also hurt the very North Carolinians it claims to have helped.  By refusing to expand Medicaid, our state government has put politics over people and voluntarily kept half a million people uninsured by refusing billions in federal aid.  They have also increased the tax burden on the middle and working class families that continue to elect them.  I will fight to reinstate the earned income tax credit and promote a tax plan that provides relief to the majority of us, not just those at the top.


Linda Johnson

I am a computer analyst  married to Ronnie Johnson, mother of three sons and grandmother of seven. I am a life-long resident of Cabarrus County, N. Kannapolis Baptist Church and OES.

Elected Public Service:

8 terms N.C. House of Representatives and two terms school board member.

Appointments National: Southern Regional Education Board member, Southern Legislative Council, American Legislative Exchange Council and National Council State Legislators

N.C. House Committees:

Chairwoman:   House Appropriations (Chief Budget Writer), House Education K-12 and Joint Legislative Education Oversight. Vice-Chair  House Finance Committee. Member ;  Insurance, Judiciary I, Public Utilities, Education  Community Colleges,  Universities, Capital Improvement, Redistricting, Government Operations, Rules Calendar and Operations of the House.

I am running for re-election to the N.C. House of Representatives District 83 to continue the turnaround of our state. When Republicans gained control the state was overspending by 2.5 billion and had a 2.7 debt to the Federal Government. With much hard work and good decision we now have a balanced budget, taxes have been lowered, system streamlined, budgetary transparency, increase teachers and state employees salaries, stopped the transportation transfer and increased DOT funding and our citizens now have a billion dollars in a Rainy Day Fund.

I want to continue our recovery, continue to create higher paying jobs and increase state wages to repay the state's employees for the part they played in our state recovery and make N.C. secure for our citizens and our children's future. I and all North Carolinians want to fund and create the best education for our children and our workforce.  N.C. has increased funding for education by 1 billion since leadership change, tripled textbooks and digital learning funding, bringing School Connectivity to all K-12 schools, created the Read to Achieve,  7.5 million for N.C. Community College state-of-the-art equipment, created an Articulation Agreement with the University System which will lower the cost of your child's college and guarantee admission in the UNC system.

With your help I will continue to work diligently to bring teachers, administrators, professors and all educational salaries up to the national average. I will also work through innovation and standards to bring NC state's student performance to the top. I serve on the Workforce Development System Reform Committee.

N.C. has created over 600,000 new jobs and I will continue my efforts for our workforce reform.  Forbes magazine said it best, ‘True reform requires true leadership, North Carolina has provided a best-in-class example of what can happen when legislators keep their promises and governors follow through on their word.’ I am asking for your vote for NC House of Representatives District 83 to continue to work for N.C.

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