Darren HartsellQ: What is your background, and what qualifies you to represent the people of Midland?

A: I love the community and its people. From my time as a businessman, to heading Bethel Athletics, and as a longtime educator, I enjoy helping folks and making Midland a great place to live. My heart is in the right place, and I think my peers on the council saw that when they tapped me to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. I’m also easy to work with and always willing to listen and help citizens.

Q: What do you see as the issues facing Midland right now?

A: I’ve heard from our citizens that they want retail growth — stores. Unlike Locust, we don’t have sewer along Highway 24/27, which is needed to attract stores. We approved the engineering for the sewer, and it should be installed next year. This will bring the retail development our citizens want. As the town grows and we can afford it, we need to get more involved in youth athletics. Youth athletics teaches our young folks to compete and work as a team. It is important for their character growth. I plan on supporting things next term that help our youth grow and prosper.

Q: Why are you the best person for this office?

A: My love for the community and its people is the top reason. I’m always willing to help, and I’m easy to work with. I want to see the town prosper and continue to have a good quality of life. There are so many great citizens and volunteers who work to achieve this that it is a real honor. In Midland, it’s not one person that does it; it’s a team effort. From opening the Midland branch of the library last year, to fully staffing both fire stations to improving life safety, to installing the sewer we need for retail growth — we do it as a team.

Q: What goals do you have for Midland, if elected?

A: » Complete the sewer project on Highway 24/27 to attract the stores our citizens want.

» Complete the crosswalk to Rob Wallace park so citizens can safely cross the road.

» Help our youths grow and prosper through more robust youth athletics.

» Continue to listen to our citizens and work on the items they desire to make Midland better.

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