Midland extends to Mecklenburg County line

This is a map of the annexed area.

MIDLAND- The Town of Midland now extends to the Mecklenburg County line.

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Midland Town Council approved the voluntary annexation of a 105-acre tract that adjoins the Mecklenburg County line. The tract is owned by Julia A. Brock and Suzanne A. Gullege, and is the largest town annexation of 2017.

The 105-acre site has over 2,000 feet of frontage on Highway 24/27 in addition to access to the Aberdeen Carolina Western Railway, which runs along the lower portion the property. The site is located approximately 3 miles from the I-485 interchange, and 2.5 miles from the Charlotte city limits.

“We are excited to see our town grow to the Mecklenburg County line and appreciative of the Brock and Gullege families for joining us,” Mayor John Crump said.

The Brock/Gullege annexation follows a 2016 annexation of 160 acres owned by Queen’s College. Grading on the Queen’s tract is complete, and preliminary site work is taking place for a commercial development on the front of the property. The rear portion of the Queen’s tract is slated for future residential development once the front is complete.

“With significant highway frontage, close proximity to I-485, and convenient rail access, this tract is a prime candidate for future development,” Town Manager Doug Paris said. “Town staff will work closely with the families and their broker on development proposals for the site.”

The Aberdeen Carolina Western Railway is a dedicated freight short-line that connects to both Northfolk Southern and CSX lines. It was instrumental in landing Intertape Polymer Group’s $40M advanced manufacturing facility in February of last year.

Intertape’s facility is located just south of Rob Wallace Park in Midland.

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