Aimy Steele


I am a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal in Cabarrus County Schools. I raised my family in Concord. I worked in the Cabarrus County School system for over 10 years and have been a public educator for 16 years. Additionally, I also own my own small business, Reach Consulting, LLC, to help students across the country prepare for college, take important standardized tests, and earn scholarships to pay for their education. My husband, Michael, is an Assistant Pastor at New Life Baptist Church and we have 5 children ranging in ages from 6-18. I am an avid supporter of the public school system and enjoy volunteering in my community.

Why are you the best candidate?

My deep involvement in the community, including in our local school system, allows me to uniquely recognize the issues facing Cabarrus County and our state. I hold a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Urban Education from UNC Charlotte, a Master’s degree in School Administration, and a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and K-12 Education.

I currently serve on the Academy of Information Technology Advisory Board and have been involved on the board for the last 5 years. I formerly served on the INSPIRE STEM Advisory Board, which gives me an unrivaled understanding of the important components of public education. Further, my experience in the classroom and in schools gives me a unique insight into the various issues, challenges, and triumphs faced by families from a variety of socioeconomic statuses. I proved for almost two decades that I can and will work with anyone to accomplish a common goal, no matter what our personal differences may be. I will bring that type of leadership to Raleigh to work with other legislators for what is best for North Carolina, not solely for my personal political gain. Our state cannot afford the continued partisanship from our General Assembly. We deserve better. I will bring a fresh, collaborative perspective that this district has not seen in years. I have seen the deficiencies facing our county first hand, including the rising healthcare costs, lack of significant education funding, and poor public transportation system. There is no one more equipped than me to tackle these problems head on and work with industry and community experts to solve problems we face in our community.

What are the major issues that you will work on?

The most pressing issues facing our district are rising healthcare costs and low education funding. Our state is now among one of the 10 most expensive in the country for health insurance. This is unacceptable. Families are forced to pay more money for less effective healthcare plans. We need to get insurance costs under control. The next step our state needs to take would be to expand Medicaid and give hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians immediate access to health care. The federal government pays for this, costing our state nothing for the first three years and then a very small percentage after that period. The only reason we have not expanded Medicaid is because some of our elected leaders continue to place partisan politics over people.

It is clear that over the past few years, our state has fallen behind precipitously in education spending. Not only has teacher pay remained mostly stagnant, our per-pupil spending is also unacceptably low. Our elected leaders, including my opponent, have chosen corporate tax breaks over funding for children’s education. Quality public education was once a cornerstone of North Carolina, but we have strayed away from that. I will work to return our state to being one of the best in the country for education as well as address significant issues with other pay scales impacting state employees.

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