Rowan Public Health

The Rowan County Public Health Department has assigned a Public Health nurse to maintain daily contact with long-term-care facilities in the county.

This was done to help each facility and the Health Department stay ahead of the COVID-19 curve by ensuring information sharing and supporting needs in a rapid manner.

Rowan County Emergency Management has been assisting facilities in their needs for obtaining personal protective equipment.

In its latest effort to increase access to PPE to these same facilities, the state has begun to distribute a supply pack to all long-term-care facilities in North Carolina. The packs contain a 14-day supply of personal protective equipment, which includes face shields, procedure masks, gloves and shoe covers. Recipients include adult care homes, family homes, nursing homes, intermediate care facilities for those with intellectual disabilities, and mental health facilities.

While the state has not provided a specific date for deliveries in Rowan County, Public Health and Emergency Management stand ready to assist. The Public Health Command Center continues working with long-term-care facilities to provide outbreak prevention guidance and supply chain assistance.

Remember the 3 Ws

Individuals and families can help by continuing to follow the 3 Ws. Whether working or shopping at local businesses, please remember to WEAR, WAIT, and WASH!

» Wear a cloth face covering.

» Wait 6 feet apart/avoid close contact.

» Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer.

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