Warren Williams

I have a business acquaintance who has a disciplined method of growing his client base. He consistently sets aside specific times during the week to sit down and make calls to prospects. He does this without fail, week after week. Calls turn into meetings, and meetings turn into clients. Clients turn into referrals, and thus his business is growing.

This tried-and-true method is numbers driven, and he knows how many calls it takes to get a new client. As long as he follows his formula, it works for him. The message here is not that everyone should make cold calls. The point is that he knows in advance who he is targeting, and he makes sure that his time is not wasted on the wrong prospects, or those that do not fit his model.

I recently spoke with someone who works with businesses to create, build and execute marketing campaigns. Many projects they handle are very small in size, targeting a very specific type of customer. Rather than target thousands, many of whom are not the best prospects for them, they condense their efforts to a short list of ideal prospective customers. A recent campaign targeted less than 30. Response rate was significantly greater as a result, and it allowed them to spend more per prospect and create a very unique message.

An important part of any marketing effort is determining who you want as new customers or clients. Proper targeting greatly increases your chances of gaining new clients and saves you valuable expense dollars.

Based on your business plan, your vision, mission and strategies, make the effort to very specifically identify what an ideal customer is. If you are consumer-oriented, think about demographics such as age, gender, and income and education level. Do they have children, or are they empty-nesters? If you are business-to-business: industry types, size of business, public vs. private?

Improve your aim, and get the clients you want!

“Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted”  Sun Tzu, 4th century B.C.

Warren Williams is president and founder of TurningPoint Business Coaching. He provides coaching to growing businesses in Concord and the Greater Charlotte area. Have a question about this article, or a topic you’d like to see covered here? Contact Warren at info@turningpointbizcoach.com or visit www.TurningPointBizCoach.com.

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