Warren Williams

Accountability.  Successful people know its power and use it to achieve amazing things.

The less driven? Not so much. For some, accountability is something to be avoided, something uncomfortable that exposes their weaknesses a bit too much.

If you want to achieve the goals you have for your business, accountability is your friend.

So what is accountability, exactly?  BusinessDictionary.com defines Accountability like this: The obligation of an individual to account for their activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Here is an example:  This column is published every two weeks. As a result, I have a deadline for submitting each article. If I don’t meet the deadline, my article isn’t published. It may sound simple, but that expectation helps to keep me accountable to a writing schedule.

So how does this apply to your business goals? In my experience as a Business Coach, many business owners have goals that are internal. In other words, they have things they want to accomplish, but they seldom share these with anyone else. Therefore, no one knows but them! As a result, it is pretty easy to give themselves a pass, to lower the bar or to extend a deadline.  They may have intended to accomplish, but they didn’t pursue their goals with intention.

Accountability makes things happen! It gives us the ‘swift kick’ that we often need to get moving, to take the steps that we won’t take on our own. There is something powerful about having others who know what we are trying to accomplish. When we fail, we have to face them! We have to explain why we didn’t take the necessary steps. That is a powerful motivation. I’d much rather brag about what I accomplished than sheepishly come up with excuses why I didn’t do what I said I wanted to do.

So why is this so important? Do you want to reach your goals or not? Accountability greatly increases your chances!

How do you incorporate accountability into your business life? It is important to find those select few to whom you will give permission to ask the tough questions on a regular basis. They need to be those who won’t let you off the hook. As a result, a spouse or close friend may not be willing to do that. They need to be comfortable making you uncomfortable! Otherwise, it’s just two people allowing less than your best to be enough.

Here’s where a professional coach makes an ideal fit. The commitment in time and resources goes a long way towards motivating you to achieve!

Creating an accountability relationship that works requires that you share your goals in written form, establish deadlines that are realistic and that you commit to. It means that you give your accountability partner the permission to expect results and to ask you about your progress. You allow them to look you in the eye and ask about your progress, and to nail you when you come up short!

Remember:  the goal is your success. What is that pursuit worth? What will it mean to you when you can celebrate accomplishment?

Accountability is a positive and powerful tool. Use it well, and celebrate your success.

Warren Williams is president and founder of TurningPoint Business Coaching. He provides coaching to growing businesses in Concord and the Greater Charlotte area. Have a question about this article, or a topic you’d like to see covered here? Contact Warren at info@turningpointbizcoach.com or visit www.TurningPointBizCoach.com.

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