Warren Williams

What do you do when you lose focus? As business owners we have plenty of distractions, things that cause us to take our eye off the ball. We get overwhelmed with too many things crying out for our attention. We’ve all experienced it: the sense that it’s all just too much, too many demands, too many decisions, too many hills to climb, too many crises to solve. It’s enough to make us wonder ‘what was I thinking?’

I’m sure you’ve also experienced the thrill and results of focused action, the momentum that comes from staying locked onto the things that are necessary to achieve the goals you have for your business.

Quite the contrast!

So how do we keep our focus? What steps can we take when distractions threaten or daily demands drain us?

Here are ten things you can do to help you stay focused:

1. Know your why, and go back to it when things get overwhelming. There is something very powerful in connecting emotionally with why you do what you do. If you don’t know this for yourself, and you can’t communicate it succinctly, take the time to figure it out.  A compelling why can carry the day when crises and distractions mount.

2. Clearly define success. What does it mean for you? Quantify it. When you know your why, figure out the ‘what’. What are you working towards? Give it numbers and deadlines; vague statements won’t cut it.

3. Keep building the right habits. Successful people have disciplined habits they have consciously pursued and diligently made a part of their lives. What habits do you need to reach your goals?

4. Learn something new. Never stop learning new skills, new ways of doing things, new ways to create happy customers. Learning creates momentum, and momentum is your friend.

5. Feed the fire.  Take in good information. Commit time to becoming the best at what you do. Be a disciplined reader of books that build you up. Don’t overlook ongoing training. A fire won’t burn without fuel!

6. Don’t beat yourself up. Perfection isn’t the goal, so don’t pursue it. Set your expectations accordingly, and recognize that setbacks will occur. They are going to happen, and they often teach us more than success ever will. What an opportunity to learn!

7. Write it down. Put your plan to paper! Lay out your why and what it will mean for you to accomplish it. Quantify your goals in writing. Determine the steps necessary to achieve your goals, in spite of the distractions!

8. Know your limits. Recognize you can’t be all things to all people all the time. See #10.

9. Take a break. In spite of the demands, give yourself time to rest and recharge. There’s nothing heroic about working yourself sick!

10. Learn to say no. What a powerful word! Keep it handy, and use it! See #8.

Focus can be elusive, but taking the right steps to create focus and recover when it gets lost is crucial to your success.

Warren Williams is president and founder of TurningPoint Business Coaching. He provides coaching to growing businesses in Concord and the Greater Charlotte area. Have a question about this article, or a topic you’d like to see covered here? Contact Warren at info@turningpointbizcoach.com or visit www.TurningPointBizCoach.com.

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