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I am writing this letter to endorse Judge Nate Knust. I first met Judge Knust five years ago. At the time, he was a prosecutor in our District Attorney’s office. He appeared at the county Child Protection and Fatality Team meeting, where he gave a presentation regarding a successful homicide prosecution he had conducted on behalf of a child who was murdered in our community.

I remember observing the great compassion he had when he spoke of the victim and the hard work the then Assistant District Attorney Knust put forth to obtain justice for a child who left this world before he should have.

Knust had tremendous compassion for the victim’s family and the trauma they had experienced in losing their child. Experiences like that take heart and an inner calling which should never be ignored. Assistant district attorneys are often some of the most underpaid attorneys in the State and few people stick in those roles without a genuine commitment and desire to serve their community.

Further, Judge Knust has been married for thirteen years to his wife, Debbie, and is the father of two energetic boys. Their family has called Cabarrus County home for a decade. As such, Judge Knust understands how challenging it is to parent young children because he has done it and does it every day. His experience as a father influences his decisions from the bench and leads him to genuinely strive to make fair, impartial decisions which are in the best interest of our county’s children and their families.

Additionally, Judge Knust speaks fluent Spanish and is able to use his experience as a bilingual person to increase courthouse efficiency in uncontested matters where the party speaks Spanish. Our courthouse only has one interpreter and she is often occupied. He also has an MBA and is able to use his understanding of the financial world and business strategies to better understand financial settlement agreements and the difficulties faced by small business owners who are trying to provide for their families.

Because Judge Knust has experience as a committed prosecutor who rose to the bench, has three years of experience as a seated Cabarrus County District Court Judge, has life experience as a husband and a father, has experience as a bilingual citizen, and has academic business experience, he is the clear choice for Judge.

I encourage you all to get out and vote to keep Judge Nate Knust.

Paula J. Yost

Mount Pleasant

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