Letters to the editor

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I appreciate the hard work everyone is doing concerning the coronavirus outbreak. I commend the news media for reporting the facts and making every effort to keep the public informed of the most recent events concerning the pandemic.

Today I finally had to turn the TV off while listening to the midday update from Washington. It is very frustrating and irritating to have to listen to politicians and their entourage continue to blow their own horn when giving daily updates on the pandemic.

These folks need to stick to the facts concerning the virus. Tell us what is truth, not what you want to be true. The American people are not stupid nor naive.

You do not have to keep telling us what a great job your group is doing to stop the pandemic. Can you not forget politics until the pandemic is over for the sake of the people? Just the facts, folks, just the facts. We know is getting the job done.

Lynn Gillespie


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