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Last Friday’s Guest Columnist, LeRoy Deabler, complained bitterly about President Trump was encouraging cheating in elections. Mueller and company investigated for three years and over twenty millions of taxpayer dollars to find proof President Frump colluded with the Russians to win the election. What did he find? Nothing. Another Liberal, or should I say Socialist Democrat accused the president of telling ten thousand lies. I wondered at the time did he do the counting. The President is regularly accused of lying by progressive, liberal, socialists democrats, but, never do they say what he is lying about, no proof just accusations. A truism out of Washington today is if you want to know what Democrats are doing – just listen to what they ae accusing the President or Republicans of doing!

The only colluding in the last election was by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party paying millions for a document that was so obviously fake. To what demented purpose would it serve to accuse someone of urinating on a bed where President Obama slept?

The accusation made about President Trump in last Friday's article was, inviting foreign interference in our democratic elections, was a lie. The President wanted to know, did ole Joe Biden the Vice President interfere in the Ukraine by having one prosecutor replaced with another who would be more friendly toward a particular Oligarch and his business. The payoff for this favor was Biden’s son would become a member of the board of that company at the astounding income of eighty three thousand plus a month for a certain period of time. A business, in which he had no experience or particular knowledge. In order to accomplish all of this Vice President Biden threatened to withhold money from our government to the Ukraine to help in their war with Russia. You know President Obama had to know about this arrangement. Now, I am unable to prove all of this as true but I would bet my last dollar it would prove to be true if the truth is ever allowed to surface. Again, Democrats like to accuse others of exactly what they are doing as a cover up for their corruption.

Another questionable statement was, Many GOP senators freely admit privately that what the president did was inappropriate, so, who are these GOP members? Liberals just love to have unnamed sources to prove a particular point, however, if later this unnamed source is proven to be false, well you know, it wasn't their fault, this unnamed source is at fault, give me a break!

Unfortunately, Democrats can and do accuse the President, Republicans and anyone who disagrees with their point of view of lying, racism and acceptable civic norms and actions. However, when President Trump fights back against these lies and distortions, well, he just doesn't know about acceptable civic norms and actions. My question is who will hold Democrats responsible for what they say? Certainly not the media, they support this behavior.

If we want a more perfect union maybe it is these Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Democrats that need impeaching! Talk about lying, Adam Schiff does it so well especially on camera. The division in this country is not of the Presidents making – it is the Democrats and they do this economically, socially and politically with the help of the media.

Richard Roberts


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