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In response to front page news on Friday (in the Friday Five), I would like to ask our Congressman, Richard Hudson a few questions.

When was this gathering? Why was it not public? Who chose the participants?

Oh, so sneaky! I'm sure your constituents would have liked to have had a choice to attend.

Also, please address the situation concerning the theft of funds from our military, especially Ft. Bragg. This includes all of the military in our state.

I thought Mexico was paying for the wall. Why are funds being diverted? The retired military folks living in this household do not like this. Again, we thought Mexico was paying.

Oh, and we had to pay more taxes this year than in past. So, I'm not buying the grand economy claims.

Cathy Gaskey


Editor’s note: The event was organized by Trump Victory, which is President Trump’s reelection campaign. It was held at Red Hill Brewing in Concord and was intended for press only according to one of the organizers.

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