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People that choose politics as a profession for life is not a lot different than having a king, dictator, or an emperor.  To be in Washington in the congress, in the government as a profession for 20 or 30 years is not or at least should not be constitutional.  The congress should be limited one or two terms in office and go home.  Let someone else serve their country and they to go home.  But no, we have these career politicians, for example, good ole Joe Biden who has been hanging around Washington his entire life. 

When the forefathers of the Constitution of the United States were deliberating just how governments should govern, they believed that Government should serve the PEOPLE, not the other way around, that people should serve the Government.  They believed that Governments should be limited to those powers delegated to the Government by the States and the people.  Those powers not delegated are reserved to the States and the people.  This argument has transcended the centuries since 1776 and that is, should we have a large government that is like a big daddy to look after us or should we have a small government limited in power whose main duty is the protection of us from foreign invasion thereby protecting the people’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The problem we have is that career politicians and the donors to the party have formed this group of people who intend to and have tried to run the country their way.  Outsiders are not welcome and are only tolerated because they are not members of the group that want to run things.

I have been privileged to see fourteen presidents in my life starting with FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt).  All of these presidents, except for three, were career politicians,  Eisenhower, Reagan and Trump;  Eisenhower, the general that commanded our troops to defeat the German Nazi’s and the Japanese in WWII, Reagan who refused to back down in the fight against communist Russia, believed in freedom, liberty and justice and now Trump who refuses to be defeated by those who want to run the country their way.  Trump didn’t need their money, nor their political power and they organization against him simply because he was not a member of the elite, he is not a politician!  What a breath of fresh air he is for the country.

All the other eleven presidents were career politicians and have spent their life in politics and love to be the ones who run things.  Starting with Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama all worked, lived and were a part of the elite who like to run things, whose duty and obligation is to the party, not so much to the people.

This is the challenge President Trump faces, the elite hate him and they fear he is there to upset the apple cart or the one thing all the people want, need and deserve is TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.  The only help President needs is THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE!  For the sake of this Democracy let’s pray he succeeds!

Richard Roberts


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