Former Concord Mayor Scott Padgett and Concord Mayor Bill Dusch at Monday's special ceremony on celebrating 25 years of the airport in Concord. 

At a ceremony on Monday I was honored by the renaming of our Airport. This was made even more special since the event also celebrated the Airport’s 25th anniversary. I used this opportunity to recognize some unsung heroes who made the Airport possible. I am sure there are many others who should be included, and I apologize if I left out any names.

These leaders included Gene Cook (chair of the first Airport Study Commission), Congressman Bill Hefner; Board of Transportation Member James Nance; County Commissioners James Lenz, Giles Moss, William Hamby and Martha Melvin; County Manager Mike Ruffin; County Attorney Fletcher Hartsell; Concord City Aldermen Alfred Brown Sr., Jim Dorton, Frank Dusch and Jim Fisher; and former City Manager Leonard Sossoman. True to Concord’s tradition, those City Aldermen who initially voted “no’ then actively supported its growth as new facilities were added at the Airport.

The Airport also owes its success to the Mayors, Members of City Council, City Managers, staff, the North Carolina Division of Aviation and Congressmen Hayes, Kissell and Hudson who worked so hard over the last 25 years to support its infrastructure and expansion of services.

Thank you for allowing me to recognize these key people while we celebrate this milestone in the history of our Airport.

Scott Padgett


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