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On occasion, each of us is able to seize upon a rare opportunity. My rare opportunity is to heartily endorse Andy Langford for Concord City Council, District One.

Andy and I met when he first moved to Concord many years ago. We are also neighbors living only a short distance apart. I support him for sacral reasons. First, I know firsthand of his dedication to the well-being of our city. Second, he has a common sense approach to life, business and local government. Third, he has a keen intellect and can handle the extensive reading and preparation required to serve on City Council. Finally, he has a personality that will make him a fine ambassador for our city wherever called upon to serve in that capacity. Quite frankly, Andy Langford can get along with anyone.

I am going to spread the word everywhere I can that this fine individual wants to serve his community. I urge my friends and neighbors to help Andy as well. We need a man of this caliber on City Council.

Steve L. Medlin


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