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Concord lost a fine man last week when Melvin Caldwell was killed in an accident.

Melvin and I knew each other on a casual basis for many years since we both spent a lot of time downtown. We always exchanged greetings and a positive word or two.

In 2001 when I was elected Mayor, Melvin was quick to offer his congratulations. He also was quick to make clear to me that “You may be Mayor of the whole city, but I’m the Mayor of downtown.” For sixteen years we respectfully greeted each other as “Mayor”.

Our contacts became more frequent and as friend we talked about families, what was going on downtown and sports. I personally witnessed many of Melvin’s acts of kindness. He could spot people that were lost and send them in the right direction. He greeted out-of-town visitors with a smile and a friendly hello, and when he saw someone struggling he offered a helping hand. I learned that Melvin’s reputation as a gentleman was widely known throughout downtown.

His positive attitude and friendly smile touched so many people though the years and they will be missed. From a former Mayor to the Mayor of downtown, thank you for making Concord a better place. Rest in Peace my friend.

Scott Padgett

Former Concord Mayor

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