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I appreciated your Friday, September 20 “Friday Five” #1. You highlighted the hypocrisy of Trump supporters who cried First Amendment Rights when students displayed a Trump 2020 campaign sign at a high school football game – traditionally a non-political activity.

While they clearly would have cried “foul” at a gun control banner, what would they be doing if Obama had done only ONE of the things Trump has done: sleep with a porn star, pay to cover it up, lie about it, was accused of sexual assault or misconduct by multiple women. (Clinton’s liaison with Lewinsky seems tame in comparison), or enthusiastically campaigned for a Senate candidate who was accused of molesting multiple teenage girls and banned from a mall?

Would any other President get away with refusing to reveal his income taxes, which might show Russian money laundering or other conflicts of interest? What’s to hide? What would these Trump supporters do if Obama lied to the American people about his company’s business dealings in Russia or son-in-law’s loans from Saudi Arabia or business ventures elsewhere where foreign policy is impacted? What if Obama secretly had the Air Force make stopovers in Scotland to support and prop-up his golf club or spend $102 million of taxpayer money for 297 days of golf? Or, if Obama watched TV most of the day, made decisions based on CNN opinions and refused to read intel briefings?

What if Obama had encouraged foreign leaders to stay at his hotels to gain favor and enrich himself and his family or genuflect to murderous dictators while alienating America’s closest allies?

What if Obama had urged (and willingly sought assistance from) Russia to intervene in the 2016 presidential election, tore-up translator notes of a private meeting between himself and Putin, divulged classified information (Israeli intelligence) to Russians while prohibiting American press to be present, then publicly supported the Russian Dictator and undermined American intelligence agents while standing next him? What if, after all we as a nation have experienced, Obama would have thwarted all oversight by ignoring subpoenas and abused his power by extorting Ukraine to investigate a political rival, lie/significantly mis-represent the details, and then stonewall on evidence that could prove (or disprove) the allegations?

This is only a partial list of malfeasant acts. Trump is corrupt, his cabinet is corrupt, his policies, including tariffs and reversing clean water and clean air regulations are hurting the average American while he outright lies or misleads about almost everything including the weather! He certainly isn’t someone high school kids should be encouraged to admire, respect or prompted to endorse. Perhaps the cheerleaders’ sign should have read: “Trump’s the swamp, elect a Democrat.” What then? Free speech?

Paul Friday


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