KANNAPOLIS — Superintendent Chip Buckwell informed the KCS Board of Education Thursday in a Special Meeting that students who keep medicine on campus during the school year may leave that medicine there over the summer rather than having to come and pick it up as policy normally dictates.

Due to schools shutting down temporarily in March for two weeks and then indefinitely later in April, some students who normally need medicine left it on campus anticipating they could come and pick it up at a later date.

But due to the unexpected closing of the schools, medicine has been left on school campuses in Kannapolis.

Normally, at the end of the year parents would be asked to come pick up any unused medicine left on campus or students would take it home on their own. But due to the health concerns that come with COVID-19, KCS decided it would be best if they simply held on to the medicine.

“We have already encouraged parents to come by and several of them have already sought us out to pick up their medication and they have done that and we have a plan for getting them their medication, but if a parent chooses to keep the medication at school through the start of school in August we decided that is the best way to allow that to happen,” Buckwell said in the special meeting.

School policy and practice normally dictates that if medication is left on campus at the end of a school year it is to be disposed of safely.

Medicine is not to be left on campus without the supervision of a school nurse.

Health concerns though may make that unfeasible for some, and with guidance from the Cabarrus Health Alliance, KCS decided to extend the pickup deadline to the start of the 2020-21 academic school year.

Parents may still come up and pick up medicine, but due to this decision they don’t have to.

Like many superintendents in the state, Buckwell was given temporary emergency powers by the Board of Education to make quick decisions such as this during the COVID-19 pandemic so they did not have to come to the Board for a vote on decisions he could make more quickly.

This issue was brought to him at a principals’ meeting in recent days and they decided to extend the deadline.

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