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From left to right: Alex Anderson, assistant director of public works; Wilmer Melton, director of Public Works; and Gerald Faulkner, water treatment plant supervisor received the award for surpassing state and federal standards for clean water. 

The city of Kannapolis Water Treatment Plant was one of 57 water treatment plants in North Carolina recognized for surpassing state and federal standards for clean water.

The city of Kannapolis earned the North Carolina’s Area Wide Optimization Award, which means turbidity levels in the water is below federal and state minimums, which is a good thing, according to a press release.

Turbidity is a measure of cloudiness or haziness in the water caused for particles than can interfere with disinfection.

It is the third straight year the city of Kannapolis won the award.

The Area Wide Optimization Program is a joint program between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all U.S. states. North Carolina has participated since 2000 and works cooperatively with water systems to use existing equipment and treatment processes to improve and optimize water quality. 

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