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Spring Street Speedway. Well the racing continues unabated along Spring Street between Buffalo and Cabarrus Avenues All day long vehicles zoom up and down Spring Street in excess of 30, 35 mph even though the posted limit is 25.

Never mind that there are two schools and a Boys and Girls club on Spring as well as numerous joggers, dog walkers and pedestrians. This afternoon, I even witnessed three vehicles travelling much faster than 25 zip past a city police vehicle with total impunity.

Seems like the best solution would be to place a STOP sign on Spring at every intersection. I realize that Concord law enforcement can't just sit on Spring waiting to write tickets but between the hours of 8-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m., an added presence would possible slow the offenders down. The posted limit is 25, 20 when the school lights are flashing.

What is the city going to do about this?

Rod Richardson


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