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Dear School Board members, Board of Commissioners for Cabarrus County and Dr. Lowder,

I am your school librarian at Central Cabarrus High School. I am reaching out to you today about information that was presented at the Monday, June 3 school board meeting where the support of an increased supplemental pay for Cabarrus county teachers was presented.

I have been working for Cabarrus county schools for almost 12 years, and I plan to remain here for two more years until my son (a sophomore at CCHS) graduates. I then plan to leave Cabarrus County in favor of a school system with a more competitive supplement. I will also reluctantly consider a move back into the corporate sector, where my talents will at least be fairly appraised.

As I am sure you are aware that Mecklenburg County proposed a 15 percent increase in their county funding for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the next school year. Half of this extra $70 million will go directly to teacher and staff pay raises. CMS is also pouring funds into mitigating racial and economic disparities that are reflected in academic achievement. They are also fortifying student support programs by hiring more social workers, counselors, and psychologists. As much as I have loved working in three separate schools for this county, other counties are outpacing us in their support for public education. As a result, they are syphoning our teachers and families as our region continues its rapid growth. Furthermore, their bolstered support for public education signals a clear alignment with the reason I left the corporate world in the first place.

I fear that the boards have lost sight of what our school needs, a solid investment. And this investment is in your control.

I feel like persuasions from other influential families in our county (specifically the Beverly Hills community) have fogged our true investments: students’ success. And if there are any members of our boards whose campaigns were funded from families of this local elementary school, then they should not be allowed to vote on issues that present a clear conflict of interest. Supplements are a clear investment that could keep quality teachers in Cabarrus county schools. Our kids and our teachers are worth this investment.

Please help Cabarrus County remain competitive in hiring and allow us to retain the experienced teachers we need. I will be attending Monday’s meeting and look forward to the opportunity to introduce myself.

Dana Lowery Ramseur, MLIS, NBCT

Central Cabarrus High School 

School Library Media Coordinator

School Improvement Board Member

Central Connections Power Team Member

Teacher Mentor

Digital Competencies Training Coordinator

Diversity Training Coordinator

Parent of a Viking Alumni and a Sophomore Viking

Editor’s note: Cabarrus County Schools have approved an increase in local teacher supplement from 8 percent to 9 percent. It now goes to the Cabarrus County Commissioners for approval of the funding.

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