Lindsay Enright

Lindsay Enright

Editor's Note: These students were selected for the spotlight by their individual schools. 

Lindsay Enright (Hickory Ridge)

Favorite moments in high school?

My favorite moments in high school were most definitely participating in different clubs or cheering on the sports teams. As president for the Speech and Debate Club, watching everyone become so confident and close with one another was amazing. Going to sporting events also really made you feel like you were apart of something special as we all cheered on our team together.

How have you changed over the last four years?

Over the last few years, I’ve gone from being scared and nervous, to being the most confident, fulfilled version of myself. God has really led me along my path, giving me the strength to overcome my obstacles presented by Crohn’s and just high school life in general. I became sure in myself and my future, knowing I was moving along the right path.

What are you going to miss most?

I am going to miss all the people I formed connections with in high school. So many teachers and peers played such significant roles in my life that not seeing them everyday will definitely feel like a part of me has been left behind in Harrisburg with those I value most. They all taught me so much and I will keep those lessons with me always.

Any advice for students just starting or already here?

Get involved! Whether that be with clubs, sports, or just talking to new people at lunch. Getting involved will provide you with so many fun new opportunities and it’s a great way to meet people that could stay in your life forever. And if you’re nervous, don’t worry! I promise they’re just as nervous as you are. I moved here from another state, and joining as many clubs as I could made it quickly feel like home.

Any plans after graduation?

I will be attending High Point University as a political science major with a minor in strategic communication. I hope to one day become a great politician, exemplifying the values of our country and empowering people everywhere into making their own change in the world and leaving their mark.

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