Toni Wheeler JenschkeQ: What is your background and what qualifies you to represent the people of Harrisburg?

A graduate of UNCC with a BA in Education, and Liberty University with a MEd, as well. I have lived in Harrisburg for over 17 years. I currently live in Rocky River Crossing subdivision serving as a HOA board member for over 4 years, where I have experience with large budgets, vendors, board meeting and listening and answering residents’ concerns. I am currently serving as member of the Harrisburg Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee. My community is important to me, I want to do what I can to serve and do my part to help retain Harrisburg’s identity.

Q: What do you see as the issues facing Harrisburg right now?

I believe unfortunately, one of the main issues facing Harrisburg is the division between our residents, urban and country. Each group is having opinions of how Harrisburg should grow, or how to limit growth. Another issue is with growth, to include topics of school enrollment/overcrowding, potential traffic and lacking social infrastructure, these are some topics that keep our residents divided. We will be a stronger community if we are not divided. We need to get back to working and listening to each other.

Q: Why are you the best person for the job?

I believe I am one of the best people for the job because of a fresh set of eyes, the Town Council could do for a change, I’m a person that can take information being presented and look at it from all angles, listening to residents, the different areas/committees of our town, also, taking in to account Harrisburg’s heritage, and make my decision based on the many aspects being presented. With my education background I can work effectively to bring together discussions with the County Commissioners, Town leaders and education directors, to foster relationships for future growth discussions.

Q: What goals do you have for Harrisburg if elected?

I would like to see a connection between the county commissioners and school leaders when dealing with residential development in Harrisburg. Another goal I have is to work on getting a more active presence of law enforcement, with growth can come some negative aspects. Harrisburg needs to be prepared for our community’s safety. I would like to see more connection with the origins of Harrisburg being showcased. Maybe more town talks, and marketing to get better information out to the public, with ample time to meet. Bridging a connection between the past and our future with growth that is smart.

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