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Rodney Dellinger

Rodney Dellinger

Q: What is your background and what qualifies you to represent the people of Harrisburg?

I am a Charlotte Native and have owned a home in Harrisburg since 2002. I retired from IT in 2010. I hold a B.A. in Speech-Communications from NCSU, an A.A. in Liberal Arts and an A.A.S in Business Computer-Programming from CPCC. Since April 2018, I have attended and spoken at Town Council and Zoning meetings. Little did I know that it would prepare me to seek office in 2019. For those who know me, they know I take my time in analyzing a situation, especially where money is involved. Decisions made in haste, generally result in failure or problems.

Q: What do you see as the issues facing Harrisburg right now?

The biggest issue with Harrisburg is its high-density growth and the demands it makes on our way of life. People moved to Harrisburg to retreat from dense population. Harrisburg has lost its country appeal . One has to ask, “ Why must Harrisburg become another Huntersville?” The Roads and Schools are an issue but our leaders response is it’s someone else’s problem. Really? Who’s problem is it? The Residents? Simply put, reduce growth and you reduce traffic and overcrowding in schools. Yet, we continually see approval for dense population. There are currently 17 residential projects underway in Harrisburg alone.

Q: Why are you the best person for this office?

I have no ties to builders, developers, landowners, businesses or organizations. My allegiance is to the residents. I have already fought along side my neighbors as we stood to fight density in Harrisburg. I know what it is like to have one’s voice ignored. I have spoken on items that are not in my backyard as well as about items that represent my neighbors across town. I have been active in keeping residents informed with info about Town Council & Zoning Meetings. Being retired, I have the time needed to represent you thoroughly. I will represent you fairly, honestly and with integrity.

Q: What goals do you have for Harrisburg, if elected?

I am in favor of the following: slowing growth and respecting the residents’ desires for larger lots and lower density; Keeping true to our present vision statement of Harrisburg being a Small Town; Ensuring that the Town’s Residents are well-informed; Putting more power into the “voters hands,” for major decisions; Concentrating on Harrisburg being a Local community vs. a Regional Community; Working with my fellow council members in reaching out to authorities for better roads and addressing our schools & apos; over-crowding; Having Harrisburg known as a well-planned Town.

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