Benita Conrad

Q: What is your background and what qualifies you to represent the people of Harrisburg?

I have served on Town Council for 5 years and I would like to continue to serve my community and move forward with the good work we have begun. I have common sense and a sound business mind. My diverse accounting knowledge, together with a variety of experiences gained as a servant-leader in Harrisburg, have given me the background to make the best business decisions for the Town. The decisions I make on Town Council are not personal or based on emotion, instead these decisions are on facts and made in the best interest of the town.

Q: What do you see as the issues facing Harrisburg right now?

Economic development: improvement of our business environment to attract commercial development, so residents can live, work and play in Harrisburg.

Infrastructure: without continued improvements to infrastructure, (roads, utilities, public safety), quality of life suffers and our businesses waver

Preserving our quality of life: as we grow, we must maintain our “small town” feel. We can do this by continuing to build community and relationships. Small town feel is not about size, it is about the way we treat each other, being sensitive to other’s needs, taking care of each other, listening to each other and being honest with one another.

Q: Why are you the best person for this office?

I have a true passion for Harrisburg, evident in my 25 years of leadership roles here. I have worked hard to have the very best for Harrisburg and sought the best elements to be included in our town:

» Harrisburg Library — led efforts to raise $1.5 million for construction

» Harrisburg Park — pursued and awarded grants of $336,000 for development and construction

» Stallings Road Park — negotiated land purchase, applied for and awarded $500,000 grant for facilities

» Harrisburg School Park — pursued and awarded $120,000 in grants for facilities construction

» Harrisburg July Parade & Celebration — Founder and director for 11 years

Q: What goals do you have for Harrisburg, if elected?

Continue to cultivate an environment that attracts commercial development, in order to develop, recruit and retain businesses, keeping residential taxes low.

Keep taxes low while maintaining a quality level of service.

Continue to seek opportunities that expand infrastructure, amenities, parks, green spaces and greenways.

All while preserving Harrisburg’s quality of life that we have all enjoyed.

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