Midland Growth

Construction is ongoing for the second phase of the Tucker Chase development. Midland Town Manager Doug Paris said there will be 32 more lots in the development.

MIDLAND- Midland’s population is estimated to grow by about 25 percent when its newest housing developments are complete.

The town’s council recently approved plans to start construction on four new housing developments this year, which adds 295 lots with a total tax base of $57,090,000.

Town Manager Doug Paris estimates the town’s population will jump to 4,392 when the developments are finished. In 2014 the town’s population was 3,507.

“It’s a great location. Just west of us is Mecklenburg County and Stanly County is east of us. Midland is about 30 minutes from uptown Charlotte but you are able to get into Cabarrus County Schools, which is a superb school system,” Paris said. “We are finding housing is doing really well here because of the school system and the short commute to Charlotte.”

Tucker Chase Phase 2

The second phase of the Tucker Chase development is under construction. This phase will add 208 new lots with home values estimated at $200,000. Paris said over 10 permits have already been approved and the new tax base is estimated at $6,400,000.

The development is located off of Hwy 601 behind Midland Town Hall.

Saddlebrook Phase 2

The second phase of the Saddlebrook development will have 208 lots. Located Just off Hwy 601, across from the Midland Fire Department, Paris said he estimates the development will be complete in the next three-to-four years.

“It connects to Saddlebrook Phase 1 on Saddlebrook Drive and Bethel Glen,” Paris said.

The estimated home values for the development is $180,000 which will give the town a new tax base of $37,440,000.

Wyndam Forest

The Wyndam Forest housing development, which will have 30 lots and an estimated home value of $250,000, was also recently approved by the town.

The development in located toward Charlotte on Old Camden Road. The estimated new tax base from this development is $7,500,000.

“It’s a good area. There’s really beautiful countryside out there,” Paris said.

Bethel Glen

Another 25 lots are also being added in the Bethel Glen development. The home values are estimated at $230,000 which would put the tax base at $5,750,000.

“This is infill within the existing subdivision and it will connect to Saddlebrook Phase 2,” Paris said. “Now that the market is hot, the lots that were vacant are being built on and sold. They are beautiful, all-brick homes.”

Continued growth in Midland

Paris said Midland is pro-growth as long as that growth is done the right way in accordance to the town’s Future Land Use Map.

“With our Future Land Use Plan we had citizens that helped through round-table discussions and we determined where we wanted the growth,” Paris said. “The growth has been consistent with that map.”

He believes people are choosing to purchase homes in Midland because they want to invest in their family and their home.

“For a family the two biggest investments are their home and their children. They want to have a good home and live somewhere where their children can hope to get a good education and go to college,” Paris said. “The school system here is fantastic. They are having to build schools people realize it is a good place to be.”

He is encouraged by the current growth and predicts there will be more in the future.

“I think 295 lots is a great amount of product for the upcoming two-to-three years and we do expect additional growth,” Paris said. “It’s a great location. It’s a healthy community and a desirable place for growth.”

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