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Recruits of the Concord Fire Department work to extinguish a house fire during a training exercise in Concord on Monday. Photo by Adam Thompson/

Don’t be alarmed.

The fire and smoke oozing out of a Concord home Monday morning causing drivers to slow down and pedestrians to gawk was just for training.

The Concord Fire Department was practicing at vacant home on Church Street.

The training is for new recruits who will graduate from the fire department in two weeks.

“It’s basically the fundamentals we teach in recruit classes,” Concord Fire Chief Jake Williams said. “We are looking for the basic fundamental things they’ve learned over the past six months to make sure they get some realistic opportunities.”

Preparing for scorching-hot summer temperatures, the fire recruits went through real-life situations in an attempt to extinguish the fire.

“They are introduced to the heat, the smoke, the temperature of the fire and put them in real-life fire conditions,” Williams said. “They are trying to perform up to the standard that we taught.”

Williams said vacant houses are often donated to the fire department for its training benefits.

The house on Church Street was going to be knocked down anyway in an area that is expected to be revitalized.

“We have numerous houses that get donated to the fire department every year to burn,” Williams said. “They are currently in the process of revitalizing this area. It’s beneficial training for. It’s a good partnership with different community partners.”

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