Letters to the editor

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We in Cabarrus County have been fortunate to have knowledgeable and experienced county commissioners leading us for most of the past eight years, and due to their common sense approach to the challenges of a growing community our county has been able to keep pace with school construction while meeting the other needs of our diverse and expanding population. It is important that we continue to select commissioners that understand and will apply that collaborative and constructive approach to the business of running our county government.

Pat Horton is someone who fits that mold. As a banker, Pat has spent her career in this community providing the resources needed for a better life, whether it be a small business needing to grow its operation, or a young couple needing a larger house for a growing family. Her day-to-day working life has always been about making it possible for folks to better themselves in a responsible and useful fashion.

But beyond the positive benefits she created through her job, Pat has done as much, or more, for the community through her volunteer work with most of our community non-profits, such as - Ben Mynatt Children’s Foundation where she served as a Director, or as a Trustee for Rowan Cabarrus Community College Foundation, as Chair of the Arts Council, or serving on the District Committee of the Boy Scouts. Pat has always found a way to give back, to do more, than just what her job required.

Pat Horton has the business skills required in our commissioners to make hard financial decisions about our county budget AND the heart to make those decisions in a way that is informed by what the numbers mean and what impact they will make on the lives of we that live here.

For all these reasons I am supporting Pat Horton for county commission, and I encourage you to support her, as well.

Alex Rankin


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