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This letter is written on behalf of William G. Hamby, Jr. who is running for the NC House of Representatives, District 82.

I support Mr. Hamby because of his record of leadership in Cabarrus County. He served Cabarrus County well for a number of years as a member of the Cabarrus County Commissioners, and for more than 20 years as a Cabarrus County Judge. I know firsthand through my previous service on the Concord City Council how much Mr. Hamby cares about Cabarrus County, and that he will be a fighter in the NC House of Representatives for doing the right things – not just for Cabarrus County but rather, for the entire State of North Carolina.

With the death of Rep. Linda Johnson, Cabarrus County has lost a representative who had many years of experience in the NC House, and who always tried to be a champion for the District she served. Mr. Hamby has the experience to hit the deck running. His previous service as a County Commissioner, a District Court Judge, an attorney, and a longtime resident of Cabarrus County will prove to be invaluable for stepping into the seat held for many years by Rep. Johnson. None of his opponents have this type of experience.

So, please understand that I support Mr. Hamby because he is a known quantity with a proven track record. Serving in the NC House of Representatives is a tough job and is not a good place for someone to start serving the public without considerable experience. I hope you will feel as I do that we really need someone to replace Rep. Johnson who is experienced, can make hard decisions, and has a lifetime of service to Cabarrus County. Please join me in voting for William Hamby to represent us in the NC House of Representatives. He has the experience and enthusiasm to get the job done effectively and efficiently. And that make all the difference between Mr. Hamby and the other candidates for this seat in the House of Representatives.

David W. Phillips


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