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This letter is written on behalf of Steve Morris and Pat Horton who are candidates for the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners. I have known both of these candidates for many years and have served/worked with both of them in numerous capacities.

Steve Morris is currently the incumbent Chair of the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners. I had the opportunity to work closely with Steve during the years I served on the Concord City Council. Steve has consistently demonstrated that he is a team player and serves on The Board of Commissioners for only one reason – that reason being that he wants to do everything he can to keep Cabarrus County as a highly desirable place to live, work and recreate. Steve always strives to be a consensus builder, resulting in leading a very good and effective Board of Commissioners who not only work well together, but work well with all of the other elected officials in the County and the Municipalities. Steve is also a small business owner and fully understands the need to make every tax dollar go as far as possible for Cabarrus County and keep the tax rate as low as possible. Steve has continuously performed in a commendable manner since being elected to the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners and deserves to be re-elected so that he may continue to effectively serve all of the residents of Cabarrus County.

Pat Horton is a new comer as far as running for political office but she is certainly not a new comer to Cabarrus County and has given many years of service to the County. Pat has served in Senior Management in the banking field for many years and works with Cabarrus County citizens on a daily basis from all walks of life. Additionally, Pat has served on and led many volunteer organizations/ Boards. I have personally served with Pat for quite a few years in the Concord Rotary Club and on the Cabarrus County Community Foundation. Pat has demonstrated strong leadership qualities in all capacities she has served in. Pat is truly invested in Cabarrus County will be able to “hit the deck running” if she is elected to the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners. Pat is also a team player and is running for the right reason – so that she can continue to serve the citizens of Cabarrus County and bring her years of leadership to the Board of Commissioners. Pat does not represent nor is she connected to any special interest groups. Pat Horton is also deserving of your vote.

So, of the six candidates running for the two open seats on the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners, these two stand head and shoulders above the other four. Please join me in voting for Steve Morris and Pat Horton so that we may continue to have a group of County Commissioners that will be dedicated to serving all of Cabarrus County fairly, effectively, and efficiently for the next four years.

David W. Phillips


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