LeRoy Deabler

If it’s OK for the president to encourage cheating in elections, then why is it not acceptable for school children or the average middle class workers to do the same?

The obvious answer is cheating is not based upon American morality and values. By telling flagrant and trival lies for thousands of times, one often becomes immune to their harmfulness. Repetition often leads one to belief unless the facts and the truth get in the way.

A trial without credible documents and firsthand witnesses will surely lead to false conclusions. In fact, lower court trials would not accept the boundaries exposed in the recent Senate impeachment proceedings. GOP senators (except Mitt Romney) place personal loyalty to the president above constitutional mandates to be objective and unbiased when presented with factual evidence.

One would hope that checks and balances or institutional restraints would serve as a guidepost to the executive branch of the government. Not in this case. Many GOP senators freely admit privately that what the president did was inappropriate (inviting foreign interference in our democratic elections, ignoring legal subpoenas, using shadow investigations of his political opponent instead of legitimate governmental intelliegence). However, fear motivated them to conspire for personal favor.

One now wonders what will ever meet the impeachment threshold if not this phenomena. Sen. Susan Collins stated that this experience would reform the president and basically improve his deviant behavior. She was wrong. Now she says, as quoted in the Portland Press Herald, “I am not in favor of retribution against those who present evidence.” Perhaps she now regrets her vote, and the voters will have something to say about it in Maine. President Donald Trump will now be more energized to dodge acceptable civic norms and actions.

Many high-level governmental officials have been fired over telling the truth under oath. The outstanding Ukrainian Ambassador Fiona Hill, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland (the European Union ambassador) all have been terminated because they took courageous stands to buck the tide of false narratives.

These people should be given the Medals of Freedom versus the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other staunch pundits.

Innocent people do not fear the truth. Only those who game the system escape conviction. The truth will eventually come forth. An unbiased Senate and a truthful president would be major steps forward in assuring a more perfect union. At least one GOP senator had the courage to vote based upon his faith.

Retribution is clearly not what our country needs to promote unity and lasting goodwill.

LeRoy Deabler is a retired hospital CEO and national

health care consultant who lives in Concord.

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