Kincaid shows proven leadership

To the editor: Tom Kincaid has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the man we need for mayor of Kannapolis. 

As a businessman, he has successfully operated Caremore Retirement Center, where he and his staff provide a caring and loving atmosphere for our most vulnerable citizens. I speak with first-hand knowledge of this as he cared for my mother, mother-in-law, uncle and very dear friend for a period of over 10 years. 

As a member of Rotary, he used his leadership skills to secure, refurbish and supply equipment for a medical assistance trailer to be used to provide aid to victims of natural disasters. As a member of Bethpage Presbyterian Church, he has been faithful to the congregation as an elder and on a mission team. As a friend of over 20 years, he is the one who can be counted on in times of crisis as well as celebration. 

You can see through these examples of his leadership and faithfulness that as the mayor, Tom Kincaid can help Kannapolis grow to become a vivacious and prosperous city. Please cast your vote for Tom Kincaid for mayor on Nov. 5

Linda VanPelt    



Larger town hall best choice for Midland

To the editor: I am on the Midland Town Council and I understand the concerns of the citizens over the new town hall.

The cost is $2.5 million to build the 16,000-square-foot building, where $1.5 million will come from our current budget. The state is loaning $990,000 at 3.5 percent on a 40-year payment of $46,362 a year with total interest paid out of $864,227.09.

This town hall gives us the ability to not only have space for town hall business but an office for our police officers on the first floor and a library on half of the second floor with the other half as rental space. This income is to be used as extra payments on the above loan. The current town hall cost $40,000 a year in rent.

The cost to build the 8,000-square-foot building is $1.5 million and will be one-story. The state loan will not be available on this building because Midland has the ability to fund this building from its current budget. In order to pay cash as suggested, the $1.5 million will also come from our current budget or a bank loan at 3.75 percent for a 20-year payment of $106,719.84 a year. As you can see this is a $60,357.84 difference per year with a total interest payment of $634,297.97. How does Midland pay for this yearly difference?

The question is: Do we build now or later when cost will certainly be higher?

I am endorsing Mayor Kathy Kitts and Council Member Rich Wise because working with them this past two years, I see how dedicated they are to make sure the growth of Midland is done in a sound and responsible way.

Doug Tucker

Member, Midland town council

Concord’s leaders deserve re-election

To the editor: With elections for the City of Concord fast approaching, I write in support of Mayor Scott Padgett and councilpersons Ella Small, Lamar Barrier and Alfred Brown Jr.

During their past years in office, these individuals have served the City of Concord and its citizens admirably, effectively handling the inevitable growth that has occurred in our area while maintaining the quality of life that we all enjoy here.

Taxpayer funds entrusted to the city have been very efficiently managed and the city’s financial position remains in very good shape, even as citizens have continued to be provided with top-notch utility services, wonderful parks and greenways, and a well-operated and growing regional airport.

While these individuals have served, the city has continued to attract new businesses that help keep our economy growing and providing good jobs for our citizens.

I’ve always tried to follow the rule “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I urge you to follow this rule as well in this case and re-elect Mayor Scott Padgett and councilpersons Ella Small, Lamar Barrier and Alfred Brown Jr.

Dan A. Boone


Padgett endorses Kitts for Midland mayor

To the editor: Mayor Kathy Kitts is an outstanding public servant. I have observed her dedication to Midland as she seeks what is best for the town. She is a person of the highest integrity and you can depend on her word.

Several years ago, we agreed that it was time to work out the details of a much needed agreement between Concord and Midland to provide additional sewer capacity for her citizens. The process was long and complex, but we had pledged to each other that we were going to get this done. Mayor Kitts, with the support of her council, kept at the task until it was a reality. After years of trying, we now have a joint agreement that will help Midland with better service to citizens and allow economic development for the future.

Mayor Kitts and the City Council of Midland have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I congratulate Midland on the new Main Street and future city hall. I admire Mayor Kitts for her leadership and personal courage. She is a role model for what public service is about.

J. Scott Padgett

Mayor, City of Concord

Why Darrell Hinnant deserves your vote for mayor

To the editor: On Tuesday, Nov 5, Kannapolis will be electing a new mayor and three three members of city council.

Darrell Hinnant has served 12 years on city council, served on the Cabarrus County Water-Sewer Authority during our serious drought, set policies in motion to insure adequate water supply to year 2040 and beyond. He has degrees in chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill and has spent 27 years in corporate America.

From being chief operating officer and chief financial officer for a multinational chemical company in Charlotte, to starting up a new business of his own, Darrell has over 35 years of business experience. He understands both small and large businesses through past experiences and operating his own technology business for the past 12 years.

He served our State of North Carolina for over three years working for the Gov. Martin administration in the Department of Commerce. Darrell acquired valuable skills and knowledge of state government and how things work in Raleigh.

He has been a long-time advocate for our well trained and professionally equipped police and fire departments and has supported our valued Village Park, amphitheater, concerts, splash pad and picnic facilities. He is committed to Kannapolis being a community of business vitality and citizen-centered opportunities.

Several past and current members of City Council have endorsed Darrell Hinnant with letters to both the Salisbury Post and the Independent Tribune, stating that he is the man most qualified and has the “institutional knowledge” (background and experience) to lead our city forward.

While rarely being mentioned during this campaign, Darrell has served his church in most all of the leadership positions since 1975.

While attending the recent mayor’s forum and hearing each of the candidates, it became obvious that Darrell Hinnant’s positive vision for Kannapolis is creative and an effective path to bringing jobs to our community. He knows how to think on his feet, expressing thoughts clearly with answers and opinions that have substance. This man should be our next mayor.

Martha Macon


Support Wilson for Kannapolis City Council

To the editor: It is my honor and pleasure to support and endorse Doug Wilson for the Kannapolis City Council. Doug has contributed countless volunteer hours to support our community through his involvement with the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Kannapolis Boosters Club.

He always acts with integrity, caring, and thoughtfulness -- traits that are useful during city council deliberations. He has a commitment to public safety, increased parks and recreational programs and economic development within our city.

I believe Doug has an excellent background to contribute in serving on the Kannapolis City Council. His leadership and thoughtfulness will be evident in working with other council members and in applying decision-making for Kannapolis.

Thank you for your consideration of Doug Wilson for Kannapolis City Council.

Roger Haas


Kincaid will be business advocate as mayor

Over the past four years I have had the opportunity to see Kannapolis leadership in action. Only one mayoral candidate stands out as having been actively engaged. That is Tom Kincaid. He's at new business ribbon cuttings, attends community watch meetings, been a leader in different organizations and traveled with the city to promote Kannapolis in Washington and other places.

What I like about Tom is that he doesn't make empty promises without a plan. He’s creative and works with his resources to make things happen. He doesn’t take individual credit for things it took a team of people to do. I heard someone say that being mayor is more than ribbon cuttings, and they are right. It’s about partnering with that new business that you just celebrated opening in Kannapolis to get them involved.

Why would anyone on council or as mayor not see celebrating a ribbon cutting as a priority of the mayor? Tom understands our first priorities are economic development through a vibrant school system and successful businesses in the community. These are the base to build the economic engine for employers and residents to choose Kannapolis. Anyone who promises to bring a certain number of jobs without letting others know how is spitting in the wind. The mayor doesn't bring jobs. A team effort of community, city council, city staff and economic development with a willing suitor make this happen.

Vote Tom Kincaid for mayor.

Joe Trull


Re-elect Kathy Kitts mayor of Midland

To the editor: I want to encourage every voter in the Town of Midland to cast their vote to re-elect Kathy Kitts as mayor.

I have gotten to know Kathy quite well over the past 14 years and she is the only candidate who deserves to be elected. Kathy is not only willing, but she is also able to give of her time to town functions, attend various meetings on behalf of the town, and participate in committees.

Because of her past experience on town council for four years and as mayor for four years, she is knowledgeable and experienced with how our town works. Kathy is infinitely prepared to preside over the town council meetings. She is very willing to work with others; she is not afraid to reach out to leaders in other communities. Kathy is not only well-educated, but she also has extensive experience in the business field as a former vice president of a large financial institution.

On a more personal note, Kathy is friendly, tactful and diplomatic. She is easily accessible, either by phone, e-mail, social media or through the town hall. Kathy is a very giving, honest, trustworthy and dependable person.

On these basis of these facts, I challenge each and every one of you to compare the other candidates. Neither of the other candidates fulfills the qualities or traits necessary to be the mayor of Midland.

Mike and Beth Tallent


Padgett has served Concord well

To the editor: This letter of support is for the reelection of our City of Concord mayor, J. Scott Padgett. I have known Mayor Padgett for over seven years and am proud to have him serving our citizens as the leader of our city. He has been instrumental in the decisions that have been made to better our community.

As a wife and mother, I appreciate his family-friendly motives by implementing more parks and walkways. Also, he is a great advocate of the Cabarrus County School System and is always interested in the opinions of parents to confirm that the school system is exceeding expectations.

His leadership has sustained the community’s well-being as it is led by good government. Mayor Padgett works hard to sustain the connection between local government and local business, which affects the entire region in a positive manner. Mayor Padgett’s history has proven to be a positive asset for the City of Concord and my hope is that we will move into the future with the same, superior leadership.

Tina M. Anderson


These Cabarrus candidates deserve your support

To the editor: I've had the privilege to work personally with some of the candidates in November's election and I'd like to encourage my fellow Independent Tribune readers to thoughtfully consider the following candidates.

For the City of Concord, our current mayor and one council member are running unopposed, but Scott Padgett and Lamar Barrier were a good choice four years ago, and I'm glad they've decided to serve another term. Another sitting council member who has earned your vote through her service is Ella Mae Small. Mrs. Small has a heart for this community through work on the city council and in other endeavors.

For the City of Kannapolis, I would encourage voters to consider the advice of council members Randy Cauthen and Ryan Dayvault, and vote for Darrell Hinnant for mayor. He's served well on Kannapolis City Council and he has a vision for the future of Kannapolis. Also, voters should consider Amos McClorey. Mr. McCrlorey would bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the council.

For the Town of Harrisburg, Steve Sciascia for mayor and Chad Baucom for town council are the best choices on the ballot. Both of them have great ideas, a solid record of service and have earned the respect of the community to lead Harrisburg during this time of growth.

For the Town of Midland, I've known John Crump for some time. If you've lived in Midland for any time, there's really nothing I can say about John's integrity, judgment and heart for the community that you don't already know. Just be sure to make it out to vote.

Justin Thibault


Concord’s leaders have earned your votes

To the editor: As long-time residents of Concord, we are proud to live in our community. Our friends who visit us from other cities comment on the beauty of our community and the general cleanliness of the city. Often, we have contacted city employees and have always been provided with information and action on our concerns. This reminds us that we often take good city management for granted.

We believe that our city government is efficient with a low tax rate, low debt ratio and good services. The Concord city management, department heads and service members work as a team as each does their respective job. When we discuss our city government with our guests, we happily discover that we live in a city that is, quite frankly, unique.

As our city has grown, we have experienced excellent growth even during very difficult times. We attribute this to good leadership and sound management. From the time we moved to Concord (more than 30 years ago) to today, we believe that we have had excellent leaders. We have found them to be pragmatic, professional and progressive.

That is why we support the reelection of Mayor Scott Padgett, Councilwoman Ella Small, Councilman Lamar Barrier and Councilman Al Brown Jr.

We urge our fellow citizens to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Rob and Glenda Steel


Padgett, Small, Brown, Barrier deserve re-election

To the editor: We are writing today to pledge our support for Mayor Scott Padgett in his bid for re-election. Concord has prospered over his tenure as our mayor. The successes are countless and the benefits are great.

Our town’s government works well together, which is something we unfortunately cannot say about Washington. It is with true leadership, integrity and determined guidance that the team of City Council that includes Ella Small, Alfred Brown Jr, and Lamar Barrier makes significant impact.

Personally, I have known Scott all my life. He was my principal and my children’s school principal, yet above that, he is a personal friend and mentor to me and my family.

Through this relationship I am qualified to tell you that I trust him. I trust what he says and the things he stands for. I feel this way about Ella, Alfred and Lamar as well. We are so fortunate to have this united leadership in the city that we call home.

Let’s make sure all these folks get re-elected this November.

Julie Jochems Shaw

Don Shaw


Vote Darrell Hinnant for Kannapolis mayor

To the editor: I have a very special invitation to all Kannapolis residents. You have the opportunity to be part of the election process for our new mayor.

The city is charged with the task of providing the best services utilizing your tax dollars in the wisest manner.

One critical factor will be economic development/business recruitment/expansion and job creation. The best qualified and most experienced person to be our new mayor is Darrell Hinnant.

Darrell is always professional in his thinking and decision making, and acts in the best interest of our citizens. Darrell has the vision, maturity, wisdom and courage to lead our city into the future. Darrell will take the city to the next level and make us proud of his leadership.

Please check out his website (darrellhinnant. com) for his qualifications. It is more than impressive. With Darrell, the city will be on very solid footing. Please join me in voting for Darrell Hinnant for Kannapolis mayor.

Jim Moore


Supports Kincaid for Kannapolis mayor

To the editor: Over the past couple of years, I’ve been blessed to get to know Tom Kincaid. As a voter and Kannapolis citizen, I’m excited about the opportunity that Kannapolis has in the upcoming election. Not all cities have the chance to elect a leader with a love for his community and a commitment to its success as strong as Mr. Kincaid’s.

Tom Kincaid is a man of high integrity who values God, family, and community. In his daily life, he’s dedicated his career to helping those who cannot help themselves. He is a natural leader who’s gained experience and proven that he is ready to lead Kannapolis. During his tenure as president of the Kannapolis Rotary Club, Mr. Kincaid grew club membership and organized community service events that positively impacted the lives of Kannapolis citizens.

As a Kannapolis business owner for over two decades, Mr. Kincaid knows that job creation doesn’t start in Washington. It starts at home — achieved through strong leadership promoting policies that encourage smart growth, avoid frivolous annexation, support existing businesses, and attract new business by making Kannapolis an appealing place to live and work.

As a councilman, Mr. Kincaid has embraced his responsibility of supporting the development and welfare of Kannapolis. He has taken every opportunity to attend local and national events to promote Kannapolis.

Because of his intense dedication, he’s always made the effort to be present and uphold his responsibilities as an elected official. Whenever the City Council has been asked for its involvement, you can bet Mr. Kincaid has been there. As mayor of Kannapolis, you can be assured that he will approach the position with the same intensity and determination.

Tom Kincaid deserves the opportunity to serve as mayor of Kannapolis, and Kannapolis deserves a mayor as qualified and passionate as Mr. Kincaid.

Garrett Scarborough


Supports Kincaid, Jackson in Kannapolis election

To the editor: Kannapolis is going through trying times. What we need right now to make our city great are fresh ideas and commitment from proven leaders.

Darrell Jackson, candidate for Kannapolis City Council, has over 26 years of experience in retail sales, and owns two successful clothing stores. His clothing outlet in Kannapolis has weathered the closing of Pillowtex and the bad economy.

Mr. Jackson has strong connections in the business community. He has served as vice president of Downtown Kannapolis, Inc. and is currently president-elect for 2014. He has also served on the Center City Master Plan committee.

Tom Kincaid, candidate for mayor, is also a successful business owner, with over 20 years experience owning assisted living facilities. He has served as chairman and vice chairman of the board of Cabarrus Health Alliance, and is active in his church, the local Rotary Club and other civic organizations.

Their track records speak for themselves. Both are willing to work hard for Kannapolis, and they have involved themselves in economic development to revitalize our city. I encourage all Kannapolis residents to join me in voting for Tom Kincaid for mayor of Kannapolis, and Darrell Jackson for Kannapolis City Council.

J.A. Fisher


Wilson has earned support for Kannapolis City Council

To the editor: Doug Wilson is a candidate for the Kannapolis City Council. When he asked me to write a letter to support him, I agreed to do so because I feel Doug has the ability, training and background to help lead Kannapolis in the next years.

Doug is a lifelong resident of Kannapolis and knows the history of the city and is aware of the plans for the future.

Doug is a successful businessman, serving as senior vice president and general manager of Publicom, Inc. where he has been employed for 28 years. He served on the City of Kannapolis Parks and Recreation Commission from 1988-2001, serving as chairman 1995-2001. He has also served on the Cannon Memorial YMCA board of managers and has been president of the A.L. Brown Booster Club since 2001.

Doug Wilson is well qualified to serve and give guidance to Kannapolis as a member of the city council. I encourage you to vote for Doug Wilson.

Ray Moss


Padgett, Barrier, Small, Brown deserve support

To the editor: I am writing to share my support for our mayor, Scott Padgett. Eight years ago, we had many options of where we wanted to establish our family and raise our young children. We were looking for an area that was committed to maintaining the neighborhood feeling but was prepared to embrace the inevitable growth that would come in the Metrolina region. We knew that the quality of life we would enjoy and that would attract more families like ourselves was due to more than just the local aesthetics. It involves a service commitment, active planning for the future, and careful stewardship of resources by the municipality. We have found all of these in Concord.

The mayor and the city council have done an excellent job providing for services to the citizens of Concord. The levels of services and tax rate we have for a city our size are superb. From city-managed parks and recreation programming, to a dedicated and responsive local electric department, to our own rapidly expanding regional airport. I have yet to ever have anything less than exceptional customer service from every city employee I have encountered and I believe that to have a service philosophy so pervasive it has to be organizationally led from the top down.

I see Mayor Padgett and our council actively working to seek out and recruit businesses and industries for the area, and we are much more fortunate than many cities our size in this economy. This is a crucial step to sustaining the quality of life we all enjoy in Concord. We have respected, experienced leadership that has proven their commitment to us and represents us well in all that they do. They are a balanced team who work well together putting the city’s best interests first over personal agendas.

I encourage you to thank them for their service and support them in their continuing work for us by voting to re-elect Mayor Scott Padgett, Councilman Lamar Barrier, Councilwoman Ella Mae Small and Councilmen Alfred Brown Jr.

DeAnne Church Hobbs


Supports Doug Wilson for Kannapolis City Council

To the editor: Growing up in Kannapolis, I have been fortunate to meet and develop many friendships throughout my life. From attending Jackson Park Elementary School to graduation day at A.L. Brown High School, and even as I remained in our city while attending Catawba College, I was able to learn many things about our community, while most importantly, getting to learn our fellow citizens even more. One of those citizens that I want you to know just the same is Doug Wilson, who is running for Kannapolis City Council.

Doug has been an enduring and supportive resident of Kannapolis his entire life as well. After graduating from A.L. Brown and returning to his hometown after college, Doug has been an avid supporter of Kannapolis’ long standing traditions of community spirit and community pride. Most notably, he has been one of the leading supporters of our wonderful local city school system. Doug has always realized the asset that we have here in Kannapolis and that asset is the Kannapolis City School System. As president for many years of the Kannapolis Booster Club, in addition to serving as a high school basketball coach, serving as chairman of the Kannapolis Parks and Recreation Committee, as well as operating his business from Kannapolis, speaks volumes to his commitment to our school system, our city and our residents.

Always wanting to build upon our proud traditions and strengthen those traditions, Doug will be an avid supporter of all things Kannapolis, while working towards building a Kannapolis that encourages our high school graduates to return to raise their families, just as he proudly did. When Doug decided to run for city council this year, I was very thankful for his interest in this aspect of civic engagement and excited that I may get to work with Doug as a fellow city council member, with the goal of working for the best for all Kannapolis citizens at the top of our list.

I ask that you join me in supporting Doug Wilson for Kannapolis City Council. Again, I appreciate all Kannapolis citizens and their continued support and time.

Ryan G. Dayvault

Member, Kannapolis City Council

Endorses Kincaid for Kannapolis mayor

To the editor: In a couple of paragraphs I would like to introduce you to Tom Kincaid, a member of the Kannapolis City Council and a candidate for the position of mayor of Kannapolis.

Strong leaders have always stepped forward in critical times in the history of Kannapolis. Today, and in the next few years, Kannapolis will face new challenges that will take us to even greater advances. We must be prepared to move forward.

Tom Kincaid has the gifts, talents and abilities to lead our city forward:

   » A successful business owner who deals almost daily with local, state and federal laws.

   » Meets daily with families who are facing crisis moments and anxious times.

   » Always faces life with enthusiasm.

   » A good listener.

   » Always open to suggestions.

   » Active church member.

   » Involved with many community programs.

   » Strong family man, husband, father.

   » Member of Kannapolis City Council.

Tom Kincaid is a leader and a promoter of good will. He says, “I make only one promise to the people of Kannapolis: My door is always open and I will listen to you.”

I encourage you to call him.

Ray Moss


Kincaid the best candidate for mayor

To the editor: As a Kannapolis "concerned" citizen, I have been an observer of our city government for many years. During that time, I have witnessed a great advancement in the quality of people on our board. As Mayor Misenheimer is retiring, that opens the way for another to step up and fulfill that role. My recommendation is Tom Kincaid, currently a city councilman. Tom is a businessman, small business owner with experience in management and successful operations. He is enthusiastic, open-minded, friendly and outgoing. He works hard for us on the board. I believe Tom would make the best candidate to lead Kannapolis as we face many challenges and opportunities. I urge you to join me in voting for Tom Kincaid for Mayor of Kannapolis.

Grant Rader


Dayvault supports Hinnant for Kannapolis mayor

To the editor: During the last election, I was elected to serve my hometown by the largest amount of votes cast. For that I am very thankful and humbled by the continued support I have received for the past two years.

Many of my supporters encouraged me to run for mayor during the upcoming election. When I ran for council, I promised to serve a complete term as a council member prior to thinking about running for mayor. In order to be an effective mayor, it takes a tremendous amount of time and experience to lead the community and to be an aggressive force in going after economic development that otherwise would pass us by.

When I was in college, I served as an intern, working inside the city offices, learning the functions of each department, helping prepare information for budgets, and assisting with the Kannapolis history book. This experience, along with serving on the board of adjustment, has given me great insight and knowledge of how the community works and operates. My experience is quite unique for someone my age.

In addition to experience, being mayor is more than ribbon cuttings and council meetings. It is about a strategy for economic development. It is about public safety and public works. It is about $55 million worth of capital projects to be completed in the next 10 years. It is about developing and setting clear, concrete goals for our community, such as being an aggressive force in the recruitment of industry and jobs to our city.

I believe Kannapolis is at a critical time in its history, and this election has the potential to define our future for this generation and the next generation.

I believe there is one candidate running for mayor who has the community and business experience to lead our community immediately, and that candidate is Darrell Hinnant. I have evaluated all three candidates very carefully and with much thought, prior to and durin the Kannapolis mayoral forum. As a result, I am strongly endorsing Darrell Hinnant for mayor of Kannapolis during this election.

Thank you for your support.

Ryan G. Dayvault

Member, Kannapolis City Council

Kannapolis needs Hinnant as mayor

To the editor: Since first being elected to Kannapolis City Council in 1997, I have not publicly recommended candidates for office. Today, I change that rule due to the special circumstances coming in November. After the Kannapolis municipal election cycle is completed this year, we will have a total of five years of experience for our entire Council (excluding myself).

We have some issues facing our city in which we need to move fairly quickly to reach conclusion on them. We need a mayor with experience that can lead that effort and make the learning curve as short as possible. I like to call the characteristic needed "institutional knowledge". Having been a part of the "institution" of City Council to know the background of the issues -- some of which we have been working on for years.

There is only one candidate that has that "institutional knowledge" to move us forward and that is Darrell Hinnant. Darrell has been a member of council for 12 years and has worked on issues of importance throughout his tenure. I have watched his thoughtful and seasoned approach to issues publicly and privately. He has the knowledge that is needed at this critical time to provide the leadership required.

I endorse and recommend Darrell Hinnant for mayor of Kannapolis and present him to the citizens for your support in the upcoming election.

Roger Haas

Kannapolis city councilman

Hinnant is best choice for Kannapolis mayor

Since the announcement that Kannapolis Mayor Misenheimer will not be seeking re-election, there has been a great deal of interest in the Kannapolis elections. However, there is one candidate that rises to the top as the clear choice to serve as the next Kannapolis mayor and that is Darrell Hinnant.

Serving as an active member of the Kannapolis City Council for over twelve years, Hinnant has the true experience to make good decisions to effectively foster economic growth for the community. He is attuned to Kannapolis’ history as a mill town and understands how it can maintain its heritage while revitalizing existing assets that will ensure business growth and economic prosperity. This is demonstrated by his ability to obtain additional funds to support unemployment and retraining programs for citizens who lost their jobs after the Cannon Mills closure. Or, his support of the expansion of Village Park and construction of new picnic shelters the train depot, splash pad and amphitheater.

He also led an effort to convert Kannapolis’ all volunteer fire department to a professionally equipped emergency service department, including the construction of a fifth fire station in the western part of the community to enhance public safety. And, he supports the construction of the new city hall and police station.

Hinnant’s vast experience and deep understanding of the issues involved in our community’s environmental, economic and financial development makes him an exceptional choice for mayor. He is balanced and an intellectual businessman, always working on creative solutions which reap positive impacts for our city.

I urge all voters in Kannapolis to show their support for Darrell Hinnant as the next Kannapolis mayor. He is a leader that has longevity in the community and is experienced, knowledgeable and understands the assets our community needs to foster positive economic growth and job creation.

Randy Cauthen

Kannapolis City Councilman

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