Kate Culbreth, a 5th grade English Language Arts teacher at Wolf Meadow Elementary School, and Angie McClain, an AIG and LIFT teacher at Beverly Hills STEM and Patriots Elementary School, both from Cabarrus County Schools; and Beth Giddings, a kindergarten teacher at G.W. Carver Elementary School, Kannapolis City Schools; are the 2019 Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust award recipients. The awards are dedicated to support their participation in Go Global NC’s Global Teachers – Mexico 2019 program. The teachers will participate in the program this summer as members of a delegation of 41 educators from across North Carolina.

“Our annual Global Teachers program provides North Carolina’s teachers with professional development they can use to develop global-ready students,“ said Nicholas Rau, director of education and training – Go Global NC. “Educators are immersed in new cultures and have new global experiences they can immediately incorporate into their classrooms.”

“In 2019, we will study Mexico because the country is intrinsically linked to North Carolina,” said Rau. “In addition to learning about the history, culture and environment of Mexico, the delegation will learn about the education system through school visits, lectures and discussions with Mexican educators. Our teachers will also build their capacity to recognize the benefits and positively meet the challenges of the changing demographics in North Carolina’s school districts.”

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers professional development program focuses on a different country each year. Countries selected have a significant impact in North Carolina and the world or can provide North Carolina teachers with new ideas or solutions that will be useful in their own classrooms, schools or districts. Delegates participate in comprehensive domestic workshops, an immersion experience and a follow up workshop. Go Global NC is part of the University of North Carolina System.

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers – Mexico 2019 program will allow participants to:

- Gain insight into the country’s history, culture, and physical environment

- Identify the impact of cultural factors on student learning and achievement

- Learn about water conservation efforts to protect Mexico’s drinking water supply

- Build capacity to respond positively to the changing demographics in North Carolina’s school districts and identify the benefits of change for all students

- Collaborate with each other to implement global perspectives into the classroom.

More than half of Latinos living in North Carolina cite Mexico as their country of origin (2016 Census); Mexico is North Carolina’s second largest trading partner (NC’s Global Engagement Snapshot); and Spanish is the most commonly taught second language by far in our public schools (NCDPI).

Education leaders and generous donors from across North Carolina have recognized the value of the Global Teachers program since it began in 1991, and their support of teachers continues this year.

“The entire Wolf Meadow family is so excited for Ms. Culbreth’s opportunity to ‘Go Global’ and travel to Mexico,” said Jennifer Brinson, principal of Wolf Meadow Elementary School. “Our classrooms are becoming more interconnected with cultures and countries around the globe. We are thrilled that Ms. Culbreth will be able to bring back her global experiences and professional development to share with our own school community. We are so proud of Ms. Culbreth’s vision and work for our students.”

“I am excited for Mrs. McClain to have the opportunity to experience first-hand a culture from which many of our students come,” said Richard Wells, principal of Beverly Hills STEM Elementary. “I believe this experience will equip her with a new perspective that will enable her to extend her leadership and influence beyond the walls of her classroom.”

Global Teachers delegates are prepared to share this unique experience when they return to North Carolina with new knowledge and skills that will benefit the students in their classrooms.

“I am very thankful for the Hayes Charitable Trust Award for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Go Global NC Mexico program. I cannot wait to experience Mexican culture by visiting schools, families, communities and museums. I have already gained a tremendous amount of knowledge by attending the two-day professional development in Raleigh,” Giddings said. “When I told my class that I was going to Mexico, a few students who do not speak up often were eager to tell me that their family members have been there and they know a lot about Mexico. I cannot wait to share experiences and stories to build cultural relationships with more of my students.”

“I am so grateful to the Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust for giving me the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary educational experience,” Culbreth said. “I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the history and culture of Mexico, and sharing this experience with my students and colleagues. I am beyond excited to be immersed in the culture and collaborate with educators from across North Carolina and Mexico.”

“I feel very humbled and blessed to receive such a generous contribution from the Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust. Investing in educators and the students that they impact will have a lasting effect for generations,” McClain added. “I am looking forward to being submerged within the traditions, culture, history and schools of Mexico. This trip through Go Global NC will truly be a life changing experience, which I look forward to incorporating within my classroom, with my colleagues and throughout my community.”

About Global Teachers Professional Development Program

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers program, founded in 1991, provides professional development to K-12 teachers from across North Carolina through an in-depth learning experience about the history, culture and environment of other countries. Programs begin with an intense orientation workshop, followed by an approximate 10-day international immersive learning experience abroad. Several weeks after travel, Go Global NC leads an action-planning workshop, which creates a platform for collaboration and creativity to ensure teachers are prepared to share their global experiences in their own North Carolina classrooms. Teachers from all grade levels and all subject areas use their new global experiences to ignite an interest in global engagement and cooperation among their students and in their communities.

About Go Global NC

Go Global NC, part of the University of North Carolina System since 1979, designs and manages programs that build the capacity of policy leaders, educators, students, and business and community leaders to enable North Carolina to succeed in a global economy and increasingly interdependent world. Visit to learn how Go Global NC connects North Carolina and the world.

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