CONCORD- Can I get 60 boxes of Thin Mints and 20 boxes of Samoas please?

Troop leaders pulled into the parking lot at the Kannapolis Intimidators’ stadium all day Friday to pick up their Girl Scout cookie orders.

A few years ago, the Girl Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council partnered with the stadium to start distributing cookies with a drive-thru method. As troop leaders arrived, volunteers checked them in and placed a piece of paper with the amount and types of cookies they needed on their windshield.

Then the leaders drove down one of six lanes, and sat in the car as more volunteers packed those cookies in like Tetris.

Colleen Young, vice president of product program and marketing, said over the whole weekend one million packages of cookies will be distributed to 700 troops.

“The troop leaders are coming to grab the cookies and then the troops are going to go out and deploy them all over this area. By next Friday you will see us at booth sales all over,” Young said. “The troop leaders love this. It’s like a McDonald’s drive-thru. We don’t want you to get out of your car. We want you to drive up and we have these amazing volunteers that count all of your cases of cookies, load them in your car for you and you are out the door and starting your Girl Scout cookies season.”

Although there aren’t any new kinds of cookies this year Young said S’mores, which were released last year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of cookie selling, is back with a vengeance.

“We sold out of those in the greater Charlotte area last year,” Young said. “We brought it back in full force and the Toffee-tastic is our gluten-free cookie. And then we have your favorite top six.”

But what might be new to some customers this year is the option to purchase cookies online. Young said the door-to-door sales tactic is still encouraged so the young girls learn to interact with adults and about business, but the My Digital Cookie platform gives them and cookie buyers more ways to participate.

“Girls now, they can set up their own online store. They can send that link to friends and family,” Young said. “They can add a picture of themselves and a video and really tell their cookie story, talk about what their goals are, how many packages they want to see, what they are going to do with their proceeds at the troop level and how they are going to give back to the community.”

She said My Digital Cookie has been huge for sales because people can just go online, pick out their favorite cookies and pay with a credit card. Then the Girl Scout delivers the cookies to the customer.

In the greater Charlotte area, the best sellers are Thin Mints and Samoas. Young said it’s usually neck-and-neck, with Thin Mints always coming in slightly on top.

“A lot of folks like maybe the peanut butter cookies. In other councils and other areas of the U.S. they have other favorites, but for us it’s Thin Mints and Samoas,” Young said.

Girl Scout cookie season is something that people across the country look forward to, and Young says she believes that’s because it has become a tradition. She said the Girl Scout cookie business is the biggest girl-lead business in the world.

“Especially here in the Greater Charlotte area, we’ve always been the Girl Scouts Hornet’s Nest Council. So we have grandmothers, moms, girls in our council that have grown up in this council,” Young said. “So I think it’s that nostalgia of the Girl Scout cookie. Everyone remembers either selling them when they were a Girl Scout or eating them their whole lives. It’s just wonderful that the community comes out in full force to support us during this time.”

If you want to order cookies online, visit You can also download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app that will show cookie booths near you.

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