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Until recently we’ve awoken to the sound of nature and the shade of 35 acres of trees behind our home. We bought here for the privacy and quiet. Listening at night to the owls, seeing the possum, raccoons, deer, rabbits and other wildlife enjoying a peaceful life.

Eight months ago, we awoke to the sound of heavy equipment ripping trees from their roots atop the 648-foot ridge.

What’s left? A massive hill of dirt in our backyards, a neighbor with a 20-foot mud cliff directly behind them, straight down to the puddles of run off below, a safety hazard for children.

When the developer, Marc Niblock, was shown the pictures of this atrocity and asked if he would do this to his own family or neighbors the response was silence. When asked to please provide some natural barrier between us and the homes that will look directly down into our back yards, into the windows of our homes, silence.

The Niblock brothers grew up in Concord, own homes there surrounded by trees and 63 acres of family land protecting them from developers like themselves.

I understand that development will continue but where is the compassion for others and our environment? Our quality of life has plummeted and what do we have to look forward to? Certainly not the privacy which could have been preserved by just leaving a border of trees rather than ripping every last one from its roots.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Christine Kicinski


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