The sign outside of Resurrection Baptist Church in Kannapolis read “Trying 2 impeach Jesus too? Won’t happen either!”

KANNAPOLIS – Pastor Tim Jones is unapologetic when it comes to his strong beliefs even if ruffles feathers.

Jones, a pastor at Resurrection Baptist Church, is a conservative, votes Republican and believes the rapture is imminent.

His stance is bold, taking every word in the Bible to heart.

Jones isn’t afraid to offend people over what he says is the truth.

“I’m just conservative,” Jones said. “I believe in the old-time way. I believe that we are reaping what we’ve sown and I believe the genie is out of the bottle and there’s no putting her back. I believe the rapture is imminent and it’s going to happen very soon. It’s going by God’s grace and mercy right now that he has not ended this thing.”

The pastor at Resurrection Baptist Church, on Old Salisbury-Concord Road in Kannapolis, opened eyes with a recent message on the sign outside of the church.

The sign read “Trying 2 impeach Jesus too? Won’t happen either!”

Jones, as pastor of the church, decides what message is placed on the sign.

Drivers saw it passing by, and the statement even went viral.

The message compares President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, and Democrats attempting to push him out, to a Godless society.

“The sign is about a Godless society,” Jones said. “I started thinking about the society that we're in and how it's pretty much Godless. I thought they're trying to impeach a president that they're not happy won an election. What's the difference? They're trying to take God out of everything as well."

According to WBTV in Charlotte, in 2016, the church sign read “We are voting, and not for Hillary.”

Jones said opposers of his message seem to feel he is violating separation between church and state.

“We are in no violation of the separation of church and state,” Jones said. “I met with an attorney on Capitol Hill and they had seen my sign. He said that unless you are endorsing a candidate, putting ‘Trump 2020’ or ‘Vote Donald Trump,’ if you put something up there making a comparison, that is not putting politics in the church.”

Jones said he not ashamed or intimidated by who he voted for and plans to vote for Trump in 2020.

The pastor said he believes God chose Trump to represent the country.

Jones believes in the second amendment and Trump as our president, and feels strongly that not only will he not be impeached but that he will be reelected next year.

He is pro-choice, and against abortion, and says homosexuality is a sin. He feels God should be brought back into schools.

“Our church does stand against some things and those hot topics – abortion,” Jones said. “If you ask me, what about homosexuality? What about the LBGT community? I will tell you this, any person of that particular class that wants to come to our church is more than welcome. We will love them in so many ways they will want to stay, but at the same time, if I preach on homosexuality being a sin out of the pulpit, I am not going to apologize because it is sin and the Bible calls it an abomination.”

Jones says he welcomes and loves all people, and will never kick a person out of the church because of beliefs.

However, when he preaches, he won’t back down on delivering messages on controversial topics.

“We are reaping a lot of these things that have been sown,” Jones said. “Sure, we preach those hot topics. Most preachers I know who stand on the word of God will preach the truth and they are not worried about offending. At the end of the day, we love everybody. We want to see people become Christians but I believe we are a big voice in this country and if we continue to bow down, more and more of our rights are going to be taken away. As long as I am pastor, that’s not going to happen.”

The sign now says, “We aren’t afraid to say Merry Christmas.”

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