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This is in reference to the article by Richard Hudson on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, which states, “Congress still doesn’t address border security.” News flash: Congress seldom addresses anything of importance. And while all the excuses may be true, the fact is ‘you didn’t support President Trump! You actually voted against your President. President Trump needs all Republicans to support him. A drop in the bucket is a start!

And what idiot doesn’t know Democrats always oppose a Republican President, especially one who doesn’t cow tow to them. I think Trump may be the first. It is a shame that Congressman Hudson wasted all that space talking about Democrats (i.e. Maxine Waters) and what they’re not willing o do. If you’re waiting on the Democrats to help do anything, you’re in the wrong job. Where is your common sense?

It seems pretty straight forward the Democrats (Maxine Waters) are there to oppose “anything” Trump wants. So just how are you helping? Sounds like you’re helping Maxine Waters.

Every Republican in Congress should follow Lindsey Graham’s lead. He supports the President, the Republicans and tells the truth up front and loud in your face. Listen to him!

I wish all our Congressmen were more like Lindsey Graham. The fur would fly but things would get done.

It is really discouraging to me the way Obama just did what he wanted to and it was never protested or stopped by Republicans. And Obama was illegal from the beginning – no birth certificate was ever shown to be legal. And he had a Muslin cabinet? He brought in Muslins by the plane load, most of whom were never vetted. How would you know?

The $5 billion Trump need for the wall could and should have been taken out of the $500 plus billion the Democrats (M.W.) gave out to foreign countries (did Israel get any?).

Now that would have been a drop in the bucket.

Congress is pretty much useless for getting anything done. Unless you make it a point to follow Lindsey Graham’s lead and be more like him. He is the only ‘common sense’ I have seen in Congress.

I made it a point to call you, Burr and Tillis, to request you vote for the wall. Obviously I wasted my time.

I’ve been a voting Republican all my life, but I’m beginning to see how much it doesn’t really matter how or IF I vote. You get to Washington and do what you want to no matter if we call or e-mail to say what we want.

But I do thank you for the very enlightening, eye opening article on voting against the wall.

Linda Griffin


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