The Sunshine Club of Calvary Baptist Church met on April 18. Bobby Newsome returned thanks for the noon meal.

The program, “Easter Traditions & Easter Sunday,” was presented by Jeanette Robinson, by reading the lyrics of “Hallelujah, What a Savior” and showing older family pictures of children with their Easter baskets, and others in their new, Easter Sunday clothing.

She also shared her most memorable Easter Sunday. In 1985, she spent all day in a hospital waiting room, awaiting the birth of her first grandson, who arrived very, very late in the day. Annie Lee Jarrett also shared that she was born on an Easter Sunday. David Foster remembered singing with a school choir at an outside sunrise service which was on a very, cold day.

The meeting closed by asking “What is the real meaning of Easter?” The Bible teaches Christians that because of the resurrection, they will live beyond the grave, and there is hope beyond this life. “Hallelujah!”

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