Cabarrus County confirmed its sixth positive COVID-19 case Saturday.

Cabarrus Health Alliance announced Saturday there are now six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the County.

Cabarrus saw its first presumptive case pop up March 12.

“Overnight we learned of one additional confirmed case here in Cabarrus County so that brings us to a total of six confirmed cases,” Erin Shoe, Community Relations Director for CHA, said in a statement on Facebook on Saturday. “I know there are a lot of questions about where these people have contracted the virus and our team of nurses are investigating all of these new cases.

“So, again, we will share what we can when we learn the full picture.”

According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), there are now, at least, 184 cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the state, but that site is only updated Monday through Friday.

According to the latest numbers from the Mecklenburg County website, there are, at least, 36 new cases in that county in addition to the new ones in Cabarrus which could bring the total to more than 200. 

That number is not official.

There have been no announced deaths as of yet due to COVID-19 in North Carolina.

“As testing increased due to providers formalizing their protocols and also receiving test materials, if you or a loved one does receive the COVID-19 test, you are required to then isolate yourself or your family member who received the test,” Shoe said. “You’re required to isolate yourself until you receive your test results. 

“That could take anywhere from same day at some places up to four or five days depending on where the specimen is sent and what lab is doing the test.

“If the test comes back as negative — great — you can come out of isolation. If the test is positive then that is sent to us and we would then formalize your isolation and also begin doing the monitoring of your signs and symptoms and talk to you about when you can come out of isolation.”

As of Friday afternoon, NCDHHS reported there to be 15,219 cases of COVID-19 in the United States with 201 deaths. As of Friday as well, 5,276 tests for COVID-19 had been administered in North Carolina.

Again, all of these numbers have likely changed since Friday, but that is what is official at this point.

The states of California and Illinois are currently under a “shelter-in-place” order, but North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has not required that of North Carolinians yet.

Individuals can still go to grocery stores but restaurant dine-in areas are closed. Many though still offer delivery and takeaway orders.

People are still encouraged to practice social distancing and wash their hands frequently as the numbers will likely continue to rise in the coming days and weeks.

“Please be mindful of panic buying,” Shoe said. “Leave some things for others and make sure you keep washing those hands.”

CHA will be back Sunday with another update.

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