Tranzact Insurance

Tranzact Insurance Solutions LLC will open up a second Charlotte location in late July and the expansion has created 250 new jobs. 

CHARLOTTE – Tranzact Insurance Solutions LLC plans to expand by opening a second Charlotte office and hiring 250 new employees.

Since the company opened its first Charlotte location back in 2012 with 38 employees, the company’s presence in the area has grown to about 400 total employees. After its growth, the company decided to open a new second location at 600 Forest Point Circle in South Charlotte. The new office will be completed in late July.

The expansion has opened up 250 new insurance sales agent positions. About 175 of those new positions will be based at the company’s new South Charlotte location. The other 75 positions will be based out of the company’s current location at 8711 University East Drive #200, said Charlotte location Sales Director Mike Fulkerson.

Tranzact, which sells Medicare and life insurance products, was acquired by Willis Towers Watson in 2019.

Knowing that many people who worked in the service, hospitality and tourism industries have been out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company encourages those people to apply.

“The key to success for us is being able to have a conversation. If you are able to have a conversation and build a rapport, then you can find the right product for a client,” Fulkerson said. “People who are in hospitality, they are used to listening to what people like.”

The company is looking to hire licensed and unlicensed sales agents. For all agents who are not yet licensed, the company will pay for employees to get the training and receive their license before they begin work.

Agents will work a regular 8 hour shift with overtime possibilities with full benefits and agents could earn anywhere from $45,000 – $65,000 a year.

While several companies in the nation have struggled with tough decisions during the pandemic, Tranzact’s business model has allowed the company to continue to grow.

The company’s sales agents work completely over the phone, Fulkerson said. Although the company does not cold call to sell, sales agents conduct business through a call center. When the stay at home order went in place and people began working from home, it was an easier transition for Tranzact sales agents.

The company has also found in recent years that more people are purchasing insurance over the phone, Fulkerson said. And this trend is only increased by the pandemic.

“In the growth of the organization, we have found that people are moving more in the way of purchasing their insurance over the phone,” he said. “With the pandemic, people are not comfortable with people coming into their homes.”

The company still has its employees – in all of its locations across the nation – working from home and all new employees will work from home until the local government and the company decided it is safe enough to return to the office, Fulkerson said.

Since the new positions will be remote for the time being, the company also encourages people in the areas surrounding Charlotte to apply.

The company has already started hiring for the new positions and has begun virtual training for the first round of new hires. The company is still looking to fill more positions and plans to have a second round of training for new hires in the coming weeks, Fulkerson said.